Thursday, November 15, 2012

Posted on November 15, 2012 at 9:40 PM

And who in hell named you God?

We've met them all, in the stores, on the streets, in schools, at our place of work. They're out there. Those people who, for some reason or other, believe they're better than the rest of us. It might be because they make more money than we do, maybe their IQ is higher, maybe they speak more than two languages, maybe thier underwear is whiter...who knows.....and who cares!

I come across these people in various "walks of life" in the course of my job. I can talk to several hundred people on any given shift, and I KNOW I will, at some point, be speaking to someone, who, as my father used to say, "...thinks their shit don't stink!" (Uh huh, my dad was one of those people.)

Why am I stating what we already know? Because I'm curious. Why is it that there are professionals out there, who honestly believe, that because of their careers, they deserve to have us grovel at their feet? And the worst group? In my opinion, doctors. I'm sorry. I know a LOT of fantastic people in the medical profession, quite a few are doctors, but through my own job, doctors are the absolute worst for believing their asses should be kissed if only to talk to us for a couple of minutes of their time. I'm not being figurative here folks. Literally, to talk to them for about 5 minutes, they want me to kiss their ass, pay them, and then grovel at their feet in gratitude. Pathetic!

There are others who feel they deserve special treatment of one kind or another. I have a paper customer who is a nurse, who actually believes she should not have to pay on time for her paper or my service because of her "...vital role in our community." Say what bitch? "vital"? Yeah okay, just how vital are you amongst all the other persons who work in the medical field in our city? What about the paramedics who see to patients long before you even know their condition? Or how about those teachers who teach these people the basic knowledge they need to get through life in general? Are you more important than them?

And we mustn't forget all those parents out there who believe that just because they procreated, they are more important than those of us who kept our wombs/semen out of the baby making business. Or at least knew what we wanted and followed through. No "oops!" in this woman's life, that's for bloody sure!

Folks, if there is one, just ONE of you out there who can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are far more vital than anyone else on this planet, please, step forward and send me your evidence! I will happily look at it.

Let's take this to it's extreme. I'll use myself as an example. Am I more important than say, Hitler? No. I'm hoping I have friends out there who would argue that point, but be careful. Look closely at the wording. "More important". Not "more useful". Not "more loved". Not "more wanted". I said "more important". How can I compare it fairly? How can you? Hitler was an ass, a jerk, a pig, a son of a bitch, but his place in history was and is necessary. He was put here to fulfill a role. That's that. The same as we all are. Thus he was just as important as I am/will be as anyone else. I'm glad the asswipe is dead and long gone, but it is true. His importance is no less than anyone else's.

Look, I don't give a damn what you think of yourself. I don't give a damn what others think of you. But when the time comes for you to actually be more important than myself, or anyone else, please, do us all a favor and slice your wrists. You've just become a waste of space and oxygen.

"I'm not who you think I am. I am who I am."  8)



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