Friday, November 11, 2011

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It's one day shy of two weeks since I last posted, and with good reason. I'll get to that reason soon enough.

As you know, today is Rememberance Day. The one day of the year we set aside to remember everyone and anyone, from ANY part of the world, who fought, or is currently fighting, in a war, in ANY part of the world.

Vets, we call them. Too bad it's only one day. What about the other 364? All too often we see in the news how vets are homeless, penniless, suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, ignored, ostracized, still fighting, and treated like crap. That's right. Don't you dare deny it! You may remember one or two people as vets in your life, but the rest are snubbed. Yet here we sit, at our computers/laptops, revelling in these blogs, or on Facebook, or emailing, completely ignoring the fact that we are able to do these things only because our country has been, and is always protected by those who have fought and/or are still fighting so that we can have our freedom.

I know many people personally, who think that by pinning a poppy on their jackets, makes them "caring individuals", yet they'll go about their days acting like living free is their "God given right". I've got news for you; it's not. It never has been. Our homes, lives, family, friends, are OUR responsibility to maintain. So either we fight for them, or others fight for our rights.

We have to remember these people; the vets. They're the ones who give up so much just so we can sit here typing, reading,  blogging, drinking our cappucinos, in our arrogance, believing we're free. Freedom is an illusion. Day by day the vets suffer over and over again, and we give them one day out of the year. Whoopee! What's that you say? The government helps them? Our paycheques help pay for services to help the vets? Maybe so, but then why do so many vets get rejected because their "symptoms" or "disabilities" aren't severe enough? Shouldn't they get our thanks because of the job they did, and not because of the atrocities they must live with, even after they're home? I'm not advocating for hand outs. Never. But I do believe there is a hell of a lot more we should be doing for our men and women who have given just so the rest of us can profit.

Wear your poppies, if it'll give you satisfaction and that false feeling of pride, but while your smug feelings are surfacing, how about a little thought or two about how much you have to be thankful for because someone else fought for you, so that you can remain "free" to feel smug? Next time you're voicing your opinion  out loud on the streets, why not be thankful to our vets? If not for them, we could have ended up living in a country where you would be brutally murdered just for thinking about voicing your opinions.

Remember the ones who need to be remembered. Don't just remember in your minds, though. Show you remember with your actions. Shake a vets hand. Say "Thank you" out loud to their face. Hug them. Just let them know personally that you do recognize their contribution to your little life.  And then, listen. If they want to talk, listen. You may just be returning the favour.

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