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Odds and ends...

It's Sunday, and I've done my groceries and a WEE bit of housecleaning. After Storm's passing, I didn't want to bother with anybody. Understandable. But as the days went by, I realised I liked my new found freedom. It may sound harsh but after 4 decades of dogs, I'm ready for a break. Besides, I want to be able to travel, when I have the bucks. Nothing extravagant. Read on....


Let's see, my first destination will be either Calgary, AB or the UK. Calgary is where my bosses are located. I would LOVE to meet them all in person, and to experience the beauty of one of our capitals. I hear the shopping is great!


The UK is where my friend Dorothy lives. To see her face when she would open the door to my mug would be well worth the trip! And guess what? A round trip ticket to the UK by plane is almost half what a round trip ticket to the UK costs! What's up with that? Maybe the airports are anxious to get us farther away? :(


My next destination, after UK and Calgary, would  be to meet my other online friend Patti, in Rehoboth, Massachusetts. I love Patti dearly. I call her my sister. But Rehoboth's population is about 5,000 so there's no airports or train stations or ANYTHING close by, except in Boston, which I believe is about a 3 hour drive away! I'd have to practise my driving before I left, then rent a car, in advance, then land in Boston and drive to Patti's. Hmmmmm, me on the highway, doing ONLY 55 in the US for 3 hours. LOL I wouldn't want to be the poor sucker in front of me! But Patti would be worth it. Maybe if I wait til I'm in my fifties, the police would be more understanding. You know, when they pull me over for speeding????


A great big KUDOS going out to Andre Pommier of Pommier's Jewellers here in Cornwall. Seems Andre isn't letting a bit of scaffolding get in the way of his Christmas spirit! What do you do when the doorway to your very beautiful store is surrounded by ugly scaffolding and right next door is a hole in the ground?

You decorate everything with Christmas lights and garland! Way to go Andre for proving once again, you're the kind of person that truly believes in his community and goes all out to show that you care. Hmmmm you have any clones out there that are NOT married?


You know folks, I honestly don't think I'm going to decorate for Christmas this year. I mean, it seems like so much work, when time is scarce, and I am alone so it's not like anyone will be here to see it. (No, don't you dare feel sorry for me. When I say "I am alone" I do NOT mean, "Poor little old me, no one to love or cuddle with." I mean I live alone. My friends have their own families. My family either lives 7 hours away or they don't give a damn about me. ;)(HIYA Annie, Kevin, Cody, Taylor, Will, Mike and Chris! Love ya all! - from Aunt Barb - Will, Mike and Chris are Kevin's adult boys; I met them when they were teenagers, and from day one, I loved them. I consider all of them my nephews; blood is nothing more that what comes from a cut. These are MY boys; and they always will be unless they tell me different! LOVE YA!)---whoops got sidetracked! Ok back to NOT decorating; To put the tree up, put up the lights outside, it just seems like so much work for only myself. Besides, I believe in Christ every day of the year. Ok "MOST" days.  I don't know. Maybe I'll change my mind, but for now, I'm focusing on the ritual scrubbing of walls and ceilings, and baking for customers, friends, coworkers and family, and that's enough. For now.


I'm heading out to Pointe Claire soon. It's a "day shopping trip". Just a bit of time away. Going to buy a leather coat, some gloves and maybe some high heeled boots. Hmmmm I may just come back "trendy". Very unusual for myself.


Have to admit folks, that electrical work I want done on my home may end up waiting about 2 more years. See, I want a motorcycle. Not a car. Can't stand them. Matter of fact, I think that's why I stuck to my bicycle and walking and always refused to consider a car. I'm being truthful to my heart;

I - W-A-N-T - A - M-O-T-O-R-C-Y-C-L-E!

Not an e-bike; not a dirt bike; KAWASAKI! So I figured if I can find someone who has knowledge and will help me out, maybe in a couple of years, my dream will come true.


The snowblower got put on hold thanks to that chimney liner problem I had to have taken care of, as mentioned in an earlier post. Thank you very much ULC!


MMMMMM roasted lemon chicken with seasoning is done. Hang on a sec.


You know, I really have to brag at this point. The way I cook skinless, boneless chicken is just out of this world! And no, it's  not because the skin is bad for you, or the bones add price; it's because I use these pieces of chicken in salads, recipes, and stirfrys that I choose skinless boneless chicken thighs. Curious about how I cook them? Read on!


Either frozen or thawed; place chicken in COVERED roasting pan. Sprinkle liberlally with lemon juice, either fresh or bottled. Cover each piece with generous sprinkling of Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb seasoning. Cook at 350 F for about one hour. Turn oven off, remove pan's lid. Let sit in oven until the oven and pan have cooled enough to touch (gives slightly crispiness to the chicken). Put chicken pieces into sandwich bags; 2 per bag, and freeze. That's it. And damn! is it moist and tasty! A marvelous bonus is that the lemon juice really shines the pan up! Yes you still have to wash it, but dang, is it shiny!


I've discovered something new this week. Well, new to me, anyway. Vodka martinis. They suck! Or rather, vermouth sucks. I still like my vodka. I find martinis very harsh tasting. You have to sip them, which to me is perplexing. If you want a drink to relax, why have something so harsh? Wouldn't something smooth and cooling be more effective? But hey, if you want a buzz within minutes then gulp a martini. Works for me!


yeah, you're right. I'm a lush. GET OVER IT!


I read in one of this week's newspapers, my friends from Satisfied Brakes are totally screwed. They're never going to see any severance pay, let alone the vacation pay they're owed. BASTARDS! You can sure as hell bet the owner, Stuart Kahn, isn't selling any of his carS, or any of the other luxuries he owns, to pay off the "bankruptcy". Also, there are several Cornwall companies waiting to be paid....to the tune of about $140,000! Gawd almighty, Stew, I used to admire you! Now I just want to puke! But I've decided, you're not worth the time it would take to get to the toilet!


In case any of you were wondering, and I really don't care if you were or not, I'm writing this anyway, my piano lessons are going well, so my teacher, Brenda Goyer says. It seems I do have one recurring problem; I keep trying to achieve too much, too fast. LMAO Sound familiar? Yes it does sound familiar to myself, as well. I have to put my faith in Brenda. You know, I wasn't expecting a kind, understanding teacher. I thought I'd get one who cracks your knuckles every time you make a mistake. I so much as told Brenda this during my very first lesson. "If you ever hit me, I WILL hit you back!" was what I told her. We get along great! She truly epitomizes the definition of "teacher". Reminds me of Mark Girard. Another fantastic person who knows what it means to teach people. I highly recommend them both as teachers.


Thought of the day:  Dwell on yesterday, drink today and screw tomorrow!!!

If you happen to know Hugh Laurie personnally, would you mind drugging him, tying a big red bow across his chest, and dumping him on my front porch? Thanks!

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