Monday, November 28, 2011

Posted on November 28, 2011 at 5:55 AM

Have I gone bonkers?

I've been waiting for something truly interesting to happen so I could post, and BAM! a few things have popped up this past weekend. HERE WE GO!


I BOUGHT A MOTORCYCLE! Yup you read that right. A Honda CBR 125cc. For you folks who recognize it, stop snickering! I've never been on one in my life, so it would be damn idiotic of myself to invest in a large, noisy machine that I'd have no hope of being able to handle. For those of you like myself, who are unfamiliar with  motorcycle lingo, a  125cc can do 90km/hr safely, 120km/hr with bit of "shimmy" or shaking. It's not a large bike (yeah right we'll get to that in a bit!), but it's great for beginners, who plan to "upgrade" to a more powerful model within three years of learning to ride.

As for that comment about the "size", a person's body size in key in choosing an appropriate size of bike. For myself, that's pretty much one step up from a skateboard! I'm 5'3", so that's strike one; I have stumpy legs - strike two; and I'm waiting for strike three, but all that'll mean is I'll just have to be patient and do a bit of shopping around to find something that fits. Here's an idea of what I'm talking about. You see, to get on to a motorcycle you take the ...handlebar?.... in your left hand, and with confidence, swing your right leg over the seat, gently fitting your butt onto the seat. IT FEELS GREAT! BUT.....if you're not used to it, no matter how much confidence you swing with, as you swing your leg the first time, you realize you DO have groin muscles! ~Yes I'm an avid cyclist, and yes this is the exact same way I get on my bicycle, however, it is MUCH more narrow, and with stumpy legs, there's only so far you can spread them. AW SHUT UP! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! ~*snicker* should've heard what I said to TOM IRWIN over at Irwin Supplies on Tollgate....."I don't think I'll reply to that one Tom. You may not want to sell me anything!", and, if I remember, his reply was, "Did you notice how nice I was? I didn't say anything either!" I LOVE THAT GUY!


Ok so my butt didn't exactly "gently" land in the seat, but it got there, cellulite not withstanding, and I knew as soon as I was positioned, this was right for me. Here's the link for the pic and specs. http://www.irwinsupply.com/new_vehicle_detail.asp?sid=01995355X11K28K2011J4I07I19JAMQ3666R0&veh=66268&pov=2157843

I have to admit, I'm thrilled it's a Honda. There's just something about that line of vehicles that I've always admired, even if I'm a novice in all areas of motor vehicles. ~ and somehow, hearing myself say "Yeah dude, it's a Harley." just doesn't fit quite right.

And before you ask, Yes I did also buy a beautiful glossy black FULL HEAD helmet. (Full head means there is a section that encases the entire lower jaw area as well. Who the hell would not want to protect that part? Ok so it'll be hot in the summer. I've been in a bicycle accident that had me at the hospital with injuries. It's no picnic. (Wasn't my fault, and I won the lawsuit, so that proves it! SO THERE!) I'm picking up the helmet later this week and taking it to be custom painted or decaled - not sure which. Tom explained to me when there's something on the helmet, it makes it easier to see the rider; they don't blend into the surrounding area as easily. Also, hopefully, any asshole behind you will be so intrigued by what's on the back of your helmet that they'll stop to check it out, instead of rear ending you!


I have to buy the book to study from for the written test; $18. The course I'll be taking starts in April, and as I understand it, it runs on a weekend, which works out great for myself. It costs over $300. okkkkkkkkkkkkkk


I'll be calling my insurance company for a quote later this morning. I know it'll be less than $600; any bike under 500cc is pretty cheap insurance wise. It's when you go over 500 when it gets damned high. And since I have short stumpy legs, 500cc will probably be my limit. Dang I could barely move a 1000cc but GOD! was it gorgeous! I swear you could feel the power without even turning the thing on!


If any of you are totally, completely, utterly shocked by now, don't be. I've always loved motorcycles, but in my family, girls do not ride. You know, "House" was right; ALL parents screw up ALL children. It's usually not intentional, but they do it just the same. It's just as well. I doubt I would have been able to afford any of this years ago, but now? I'm flying baby! and I'm not coming down anytime soon.


How about something to think about for this Monday? I was watching a news show on CBC early this morning about social networking services and how they affect us. Yes I mean Facebook and Twitter. It was real strange. They talked about all the usual stuff, protecting privacy, scams, identity theft, but what got my interest was hearing "Once it's up there, you've lost it." in reference to your personal information. What is meant by this is that no matter what you stop; delete; deactivate, the info you've posted is still on the web. Sometimes it's referred to as "shadows" or "ghosts", but it's anything you put up, post, load, and it will be "out there" for all eternity.

Ask the poor idiot who got banned from an airport in London. When he found out his flight was cancelled due to bad weather, he actually posted that if they didn't get the flights going again he was going to blow up the airport. WE NEED A NEUROLOGIST HERE! CAUSE THIS MORON NEEDS A BRAIN! The police got him. And while the threat of terrorism is at an all time high. Yeah, real genius ~~~~~~BUTTWIPE!


Then there's the tale of the young man who stole a Facebook identity of a young man and his father, broke into their home when he knew they were gone, casually walked through their home, stealing whatever he wanted, and when finished, took a picture of himself and posted it to the son's wall. FULL PICTURE OF HIS FACE AND UPPER TORSO! He was "bragging" about the cash and new coat he had swiped. Then, still using the son's laptop he stole, he also logged onto his own Facebook page and posted the pic there as well. Yup, cops nabbed him too. Of course, you have to wonder, with a full face photo, how could they not get him? BUTTWIPE!


Black Friday has once again come and gone. It's about freaking time Canada has realized that lower prices means good sales. Makes you wonder what idiots were actually against Black Friday sales, hmmmm?


And this year is supposedly the official start of Cyber Monday, which is today, and is the day when electronics will have their special mark downs. Screw that! I have a motorcycle. Keep your tablets and pads!


This leads into my prediction for December 21, 2012 (or December 12, 2012, depending on whom you talk to). The forecast is said to be "....the world, as we know it, will end." Of course we have the fanatical idiots who take this saying and interpret it however they wish, believing the world will explode or something just as moronic. I wish they would listen/read more closely. "The world as we know it, will end." My prediction is that the technological world will be changing drastically. I know it changes every day, but on the date(s?) mentioned above, I believe we will be witness to a "collapse" of some sort, forcing us humans to reevaluate how we are living. Sort of like a slap upside the head because we rely too much on this stuff. (Like myself, who works from home on her computer and phone. Uh oh, I may have to find another job! Damn, I like this one!)


Not to fear though, folks. The only thing that will probably happen that day, is I'll post here to let you know we're still alive. STAY TUNED!


Gotta love Tim Horton's! I always double up my coffee cups, and I always leave tips. I know this is environmentally bad, and can be expensive, but what most of you don't know, is that I have hands that are incredibly sensitive to temperatures. Since the carpal tunnel developed in both hands, (right hand - one surgery, and it's back), this increases the sensitivity. I get double cupped to protect my hands. Well, now Timmy's has a new thing; it's a wrap that goes around your cup to protect your hands. I actually bought one for $2.99, as I have been feeling guilty about wasting those cups, and I have to admit I was impressed. Not only did it protect me, I found it much easier to hold on to the cup.

Here's the problem, and you knew I would have a problem with it, otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned it; I wonder just how often I will -- 1) forget the damn thing at home  2) accidentally throw out the empty cup, running back to frantically dig through the garbage can I just threw the cup into to find my wrap  3)  spill my coffee while trying to get the cup into the wrap. Guess we'll have to wait and see. There's even a cute little pocket "....for your Tim's card or debit card -- to keep it handy." Oh yeah sure, I'm going to stick my card into a pocket of a wrap that I'm probably going to throw away by accident. Funny, I don't remember MORON being on my birth certificate.


Enough for now.

Thought of the day: I BOUGHT A MOTORCYCLE!!!

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