Sunday, January 15, 2012

Posted on January 15, 2012 at 5:10 PM

Mish mash....

Two weeks into the new year and still nothing fantastic, exciting, new, thrilling or even mediocre is happening. Blech! So this post, long in coming, I know, is basically just to let you know I'm still here. I'm still posting; just waiting......


Ok first and foremost, because everyone else is bitching, I may as well join in: GOD DAMN IT'S COLD!


My fave show, House, lost out at the People's Choice Awards to Supernatural. What the hell is that? Never heard of it.

Some guy named David Fillion beat out Hugh Laurie for best actor. The guy is new. His show is new, and now I'm supposed to believe that a new actor has better acting abilities than a seasoned veteran? These types of results are the by product of too many teenagers on computers voting multiple times.

People's Choice Awards are nominated online, and voted for online. I thought I'd check it out when the voting was going on. Turns out it is possible to vote as many times as you want for one person. Oh yeah, these awards are "rigged". That the term to use; when voting is manipulated.

The Golden Globes snubbed House altogether. The show, entire cast, background people. Idiots.


Damn it's cold. Oh wait. Said that already. See? I forget things when I'm bored.


Friday was the 13th. I never even noticed.


Still here? Still awake? Not me.


If we teach our children that failure is a part of life, that failures should be learned from and we should never give up, then why in hell do so many people in this world focus on the failures of others?

You're only considered "good" until you screw something up. God help you if someone ever tells you you're perfect at something, because then they'll expect you to be perfect all the time, and that is just not possible.


Well that's it folks. I've literally been sitting here for the past hour searching the web for news stories, watching facebook for any interesting updates, even going through my own files for something to post here, and I came up with only one thing: I really don't care about finding something to post right now.

I care about my piano lessons.

I care about what's on tv tonight.

I care about work tomorrow.


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