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I'm not who you think I am....

Ok, this time I'm not apologizing for such a long gap in entries. I've been dealing with some personal issues, and that's my business. If you think that's too harsh sounding, too bad.


Happy Leap Year Day. Huh? Big deal. I mean, unless your birthday is on February 29, what difference does it make? It's one more day amongst the rest of them, and unless you bought a defective calendar, just go about life as usual.




It's Roll Up the Rim time at Timmy's again, and it looks like Tim's has stuck to it's guns. "1 in 6 chance of winning". But what they don't tell you is that the amount of winning cups is distributed to each Tim's based on volume of sales. In other words, the stores that sell the most, receive the highest number of winning cups.

Also, there are some people, and I'm one of them, who believe the winning cups are more numerous in the sizes that don't have the highest sales. Think about it. If there were more winning cups in the Large and XL sizes, they'd be gone in a wink! Try this trick, see if it works for you: If you normally buy an XL, every couple of days, buy two mediums or smalls. (Yeah, I know, practically a waste of money, but your odds of winning something will be better.)


Seems like the French in Cornwall are pissed off. (I'm French; my father and mother were French, although my father was the only one who spoke it fluently. Mom thought it best her children be literate in one language, rather than illiterate in two languages...and she was right.) My last name is Tessier, so keep that in mind as you read on......

Dr. Tombler's comments about hiring policies for the local hospitals were made quite clear, as I've commented on in an earlier post. And he was quite right. He is fluent in both official languages, so he was not being prejudicial; he was being practical. We all know that so don't pretend you're offended. To those of you who believe Dr. Tombler was wrong, I say "Too fucking bad." Cornwall is primarily English, not French. It NEVER has been primarily French. So when the hospital goes BOOHOO now we won't get any funding because people want our hiring practices to change, you're simply looking for a way to excuse the bull shit you've been putting forth for many years. Of course, we the public do know it's the government that sets these rules, but we also know it's the places/organizations that receive the funding, that have the most impact when it comes time to question these rules. Well that time has come! Perhaps the Board of the hospitals had best go crying to the government, and not the people. We're the ones you're here to serve, YES -- SERVE, and you're paid pretty damn well to do so. We put up with your mistakes, despite the fact we put our lives in your hands, and all we ask is that your hiring practices be fair to all in the community in which you exist.

If you're so damned concerned about funding, then how about when you take our money, you ask us what language we prefer to be served in? Then take those numbers at the end of the year, and base the next year's hiring on those numbers. WANT TO BET HOW OFTEN ENGLISH WILL COME OUT IN FIRST PLACE IN CORNWALL?

Common sense folks, common sense.


I'll bet you're wondering about the heading for this post; I'm not who you think I am. I'm fortunate to have heard people describe me as funny, warm hearted, organized, serious, helpful, kind, considerate, deligent, reliable, dependable, yada yada yada.

That's the face I put on for society, and for the most part, I try my best, every day. However, I am not who you think I am. I like being selfish. I like the fact that now, in the last half of my life, I'm putting myself first. If the consequences of my actions includes the persona I've described above, great. I really don't care anymore.

For the most part, I find most conversations with people boring, yet I partake in it as I believe it is one way society will accept you. I say I don't care about being accepted, yet one of my jobs dictates that I am required to occasionally have conversations with people, so in order to do well at my job, I have to bite the bullet. So goes life. We all lie and we're all hypocrites at some point.

I find people interesting, it's just that most of the time, in conversation with others, I have to listen to the most mundane crap. I have my own problems, and sometimes I may be able to help you with yours. If I can I will, but it's not going to be often. Too many times in the past I've helped someone only to have them turn on me. I don't give crap to people, so why should I take it?


Had enough yet? Okay then.....


That snow storm we had last week, that dumped a hell of a lot more than the 6 inches Environment Canada warned us about, sure stirred up a lot of crap on Facebook.

I'm the first one to usually say something like "It's February. It's Canada. Get over it!", but this time I was on the other side, loudly. This winter has not been a whole lot warmer than usual, (although February itself certainly was), but the snowfall was much lower than expected. Not a damn thing wrong with that. And to boot, our little furry groundhog told us to expect spring-like weather to start earlier than usual. (He is now looking down the barrel of a double gauged shotgun as I type....)

So, of course, when Mother Nature takes a look, and sees such conditions, she decides to dump a crap load of, well, crap, on our heads, and that pisses me off!

*Sigh* I was actually wearing only one layer of clothing and running shoes up to that point. I even took both my bicycles into Total Cyclery much earlier than usual for their tune ups, but now it looks like they're going to be sitting there a bit longer.


Anyone out there a regular visitor to the Yahoo! Answers site?


I am. People from all over the world go to this site to ask and answer questions from other people, from all walks of life.

All too often extremely sensitive material is posted, and there are many children that frequent this site. Yes Yahoo does have age restrictions, but if mommy and daddy don't care what their kids are doing online, then why should the kids?

I'm mentioning this site because there are a lot of topics with questions that are very noteworthy. It has proven quite helpful for myself as well. A world of information, opinions, suggestions, at your fingertips, posted by and answered by people just like you. Check it out. You might be able to help someone.


OMG just checked out the local news page, and see this headline, "Cornwall police warning parents to talk with their kids about suspicious vehicles".

Now, I'm wondering, just which parents out there are complete, mind boggling idiots who wouldn't do this?

I want their phone numbers and addresses, because they should not have kids.


Uh oh, drivers of all kinds of vehicles, yes that includes bikes, beware in March!  "Cornwall police to target sign violators next month". ('Jaws' theme plays here.)


IT'S ABOUT FREAKING TIME! "New recommendations could get geese out of Cornwall's Lamoureux Park". I believe the geese were here before us. I believe we forced the geese to gather at the waterfront by forcing them out of the areas we are developing. I believe spending over $10,000 on dogs to chase geese is a pathetic attempt to solve a problem that we created. Now, however, someone has finally wised up. Seems a suggestion of using audio recordings of geese in distress will be tried this year to "chase" the geese away. (Brookshell Pontiac has only been using this exact same method for the past 3 years to keep the crows away, and it's been incredibly successful!)

I think this method is far less harmful to the geese. What in hell gives us the right to encroach on their territory, force them into a small area of land, then make them adhere to our laws? (Wait a minute, that sounds familiar.....) Ahhhhhhh humankind. Like I said before, people are interesting; most conversations are boring.


A big  congratulations to Diane M. Lahaie, on being appointed to the Ontario Court of Justice. WTG DIANE!


"Truant teen spends weekend in Cornwall Jail". About fucking time! Seems the 15 year old was on parole which includes attending school without truancy. So what can we do about all the kids who are not on parole and still not attending school regularly? Where are you mom/dad?


.....annnnnnnnnnnnndddd another 10-15 cm of snow on it's way. That's about 6 inches, and from what I can see, Cornwall is dead center of the weather front. Dang. Facebook is going to be busier than usual for southern Ontario again.


For my final note, I have a request. I'm looking for mottos you use on a regular basis. Humorous ones preferably. Sayings, expressions, sarcastic comebacks. Also, recipes ~ YOUR recipes, not ones copied from a website or cookbook. I can't tell you why, but any contributions would be much appreciated. You can send them to me via email at  [email protected]  . 

PLEASE PUT   "EXPRESSION/RECIPE" in the subject line. This way if it should go to my spam folder I won't delete it without looking at it.



Thought of the day: Whew! I had forgotten how good it felt to vent on here.

For all of you who put up with it, thanks.

For all of you who like it, ummmmmm okay, someday there may be help for you.

For all of you who don't like it, ~what in hell are you doing here then?~.

For anyone else, normal is boring, and overrated.

I'm not who you think I am. Get over it. 




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