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And on it goes.....

This time, no excuses, just fact. I've been avoiding this blog. The only things I could think of to write about do not fall into the "happy" or "interesting to you" categories, so I've been putting off this entry. I know there's a few people who follow this site out of curiosity mostly. Probably one or two want to read if I make any negative, hurtful or liable comments about anyone or any business. Maybe even someone thinks I'll make them laugh. Not this time, I'm afraid. At  least I don't think so.


Last week, on March 8th, Thursday, when I finished my job at 10 pm, I logged onto Facebook to see what was up, if anything. I did not expect to find a message of condolence for a friend of mine, Barb Berthiaume. I've always liked Barb, we just didn't talk too much anymore. She worked days and I sleep days; just made it difficult, you know? Well, Barb had been battling cancer recently, and while things weren't terrific, they weren't all bad. She was on some form of double chemo and there was hope. She went to bed Wednesday night and never woke up. And I found out by reading it on my Facebook wall. Nice.


If any of you ever saw me wearing a large, bulky, blackened, well worn, yellow coat in the cold weather, that's because Barb gave it to me years ago. I loved the colour immediately. I often walked home in the dark from my job at the bingo, and the yellow would help me be seen. It was, and still is, the warmest coat I have ever owned. It is ripped, stained with ink, and I still wear it. Barb used to laugh any time she saw me in it, saying "Isn't it time you got rid of that thing?" So I would say, "Ok, got another coat I could have? You obviously know a good piece of winter clothing when you see it." And we'd both laugh at that.


Joke was on me. Last fall, Barb presented me with another of her coats. She didn't like it. I love it. It's huge on me, but it's warm. With a  minor alteration to make sure my butt is kept covered, that coat is in my closet waiting for the day the yellow one retires.


I remember working with Barb at the Cornwall Bingo. I loved working with her. She could come across as the most solid, staunch woman you would ever meet, and in the next second seem as fragile as a child. She could run a bingo as well as anyone, and sell cards as fast as any of us could.

I'll miss you Barb. RIP.


I recently found out my friend Patti is having some health issues. Thankfully not life threatening, but very severe nonetheless. She is in my thoughts often. I'm not saying anymore on this topic because Patti is a very private person, and she trusts me with what she's told me. I will not betray that trust.


My sis, Anne, was down this week with her family. I got to visit with Anne and Taylor, my niece for an hour and a half out of that week. That's pretty damned good for us. Now if I can only get Cody, my nephew, and Kevin, my brother-in-law, over here too. I'm about ready to give up, but not quite yet. I'm one hell of a bitch when I know what I want. I do not like it when someone gives up power over themselves to another. I'll be damned though, if I stand by and watch it while saying nothing. My limit is coming, and it's coming fast.


Wednesday April 18 is the date I take the 4 hour class on practicum and theory for my motorcycle license, and the 2 - 8 hour classes are on Sunday April 22 and 29. Right now I'm studying for the written test. Did you know that according to the test, you have to know how to ride a motorcycle, yet you take the course AFTER the written test. I swear, it's true.


My piano lessons are going quite well, or so my teacher says. At least she hasn't thrown me out of her  house....yet, so I must be doing something right!

Seriously though, she estimates my current level of playing at Conservatory 3, just since starting in September, only 6 months of lessons. That's not too shabby folks! If I had started the lessons when I first wanted to, I definitely would be in the performing arts.

I wish to God I could say it doesn't bother me, but it does. And it always will.


House is coming to a close soon; May 21. I've mentioned here before that I'm administrator for the Facebook Page: House MD Quotes (https://www.facebook.com/pages/House-MD-Quotes/320435946548?ref=ts&sk=wall). I was asked what I wanted to see in the finale; how I thought House should end. I scripted out what I thought would work and sent it to my fellow fans. So far, it's been getting a favorable response. If you happen to be a fan and are curious about my own script, send me an email ([email protected]) and I'll send it to you.


St. Patty's day tomorrow. If anyone tells me they're wearing green underwear, I'm walking away.


Both my jobs have been going quite well; or so at least no one's complained to me. (heehee they're probably scared......nah, doubt it's that!)


Have you ever had something good happen to you, whether it be of your own doing or just happenstance, and you question whether you deserve it? Yeah, daily.




I think I may have the solution to the language crisis the CCH is experiencing in their hiring policies. See how this suits you: You go to the hospital and if ANYONE tries to "serve" you or "care" for you using a language other than yours, you punch them in the face. Think of it. You see a nurse, full of bruises, there's a damned good chance she spoke french to someone who speaks english, so avoid her! See? Problem solved.


While we're on the topic of health care, why the fuck are these people working in hospitals not restricted from wearing colognes or heavily scented products? They're working in a hospital! Hello? Allergies, sensitivities, trouble breathing? I think that ANYONE who works in a hospital, clinic, home care, etc should be forbidden by law to wear ANY kind of fragrance. Only unscented products, from shampoo right down to fabric softener. It only makes sense! Idiots.


Think that's going to be it for now, folks. It's 10:43 pm and I'm tired. More so than anyone knows. Good night.


Personal observation: Just because things are "going your way" does not mean that "everything's all right". But we put on the act to keep society happy. Should get an Emmy.

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