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And life goes on....

Whooo weee it's been a long, long time since I've blogged, but for once it's been because I've been busy, busy, busy!

So, let's start where we left off, shall we? And as I'm typing this with one hand, it's going to be a long drawn out process. (Yes, I said one hand, and I'll explain when we get to that, so no jumping ahead!) Right now, this very minute, it is 927 am Friday June 15. Let's see when I get this done. My left hand has gotten quite used to "taking care" of me, but let's see how good it has become, shall we?


Here's what I had started to blog on May 7------this will be my Head Start: (blue script)

Hoooo boy! What an interesting, busy last four weeks I've had! Hardly time to think, let alone blog! This might be a wee bit long folks, so get your coffees, put your feet up, light 'em if you smoke and get ready for some ranting, cheering and general insights.


Let's start off with Twitter. I became a tweeter in the past 5 weeks, primarily because of the tv show House MD. I met two people immediately, who's interest mirrored my own. HELLO TO V. IN SWITZERLAND (she's a doc) and to S. IN MUNICH (a travel agent). They made me feel quite welcome to this family of fans, and we've been chatting ever since. I currently have 48 followers, and I follow 109 myself. I started making pic w/text's for my friends/followers/House fans, and I must say they get quite a good response. (Pics w/text means I take a still picture from House MD and add a caption to it that reflects an emotion, state of mind, etc. Usually they're quite humourous.)


I really enjoy making these pics w/text, as they are well received by almost everyone.


Working can be quite difficult as times, as during the slow periods I'm soooo tempted to start tweeting, but my work comes first. That's a must!


HEY! I got my motorcyclist's license! YAHOO! Ok so currently at M1 level until May 26th. Pretty much that means, limited roads, speeds, and only during daylight. On May 26th, I go to the Driver's License Center, hand over the sealed envelope containing my certification papers, and they'll hand me my M2 License. That means I can ride day or night, any road, highway, etc. Pretty much everything but the major national highways. For that level, the M level, I have to have had my M2 a minimum of 18 months, to a maximum of 5 years, and pass the road/highway driver's test. Sheesh! Leave it to the government to make things complicated! And if I don't take the road/highway test before the 5 years is up, POOF! I lose all I've worked for and have to start from scratch.


I have got to thank Irwin's Motorcycle Supply, on Tollgate, specifically Tom Irwin, for all the help and advice he's given me. What a great guy and business!


And here's where we pick up on June 15, about 6 more weeks after that blog entry I started, never finished, so never posted.


I picked up my motorcyclist's M2 exit, as they call it, on Monday June 28. (the office was closed on Saturday the 26th, so I had to wait. FIGURES!) As a reward, I went to Irwin's that same week and ordered a new helmet I've been wanting. I was so excited! My riding has been improving; still a couple of things to work on, but I am very determined, and having loads of fun! I can only get out to ride a couple times a week, but that's ok. I have years of fun left in me.


Work's been a little crappy, but had one great project I really enjoyed. That week went fast, let me tell you!


Deliveries really picked up! Getting lot of extra work and it's going to help so much with the bills. Summer's looking great, and I'm feeling fine.


Having lots of fun on the piano. Brenda says I'm doing terrific, and I'm enjoying it immensely. Wish I had more time to practice.


Twitter friends and myself consoled each other over the ending of House. What a show! What a great bunch of tweets, tweetettes and twerps! I'm thinking of upgrading my phone so I can tweet on the go,,....or on the sofa! LOL I could watch tv and tweet. By the way, for everyone out there, not all tweeters tweet exactly what they're doing at that time, like "feeding dog". For the most part, we have normal conversations, just as if we were on the phone with each other. There are plenty of us who do not want to reveal our exact movements to the entire world!


I should mention here that I've had to "defriend" several people on my Facebook account. Seems one family member I trusted has the same people on his list, so one family member I don't trust has been going through his lists to get information about myself and my little sis. Oh well. You can always call your friends family but you can't always call your family friends. Family is not most important is life; TRUE friendship is.


Going to be holding a yard sale sometime this summer. I'll be sure to let everyone know when. I was hoping to have had it by now, but that idea didn't work out. You'll find out why soon enough...read on.


I mentioned I'm typing this one handed; left hand to be precise, so it's taking me a long time. And it's painful. You see, on June 2, at about 5am, I was on my bicycle, making my way to my next route, in heavy rain. (And those of you who know me, when I say heavy rain, I mean HEAVY rain.)


As is typical, when bicycling in the rain, (and no, it was not intentional. The skies opened up while I was on my way.), anyone who's done this will tell you, you bob your head up and down, every couple of seconds. This helps keep the rain out of your eyes so you can see, (if you wear glasses it's a must), and you scan the area in front of you for any obstacles. I had my hat and rain gear on, but as the wind was coming from the east, (the direction I was going in; figures!) the rain was slamming into my face anyways.


I got to the corner of Amelia and 4th East, took quick look, saw the way was clear, and continued on. Quick look, down, quick look, C-A-R! Yup, a solid black car parked on the road, LEGALLY, was right in my path. There was absolutely no time to stop, swerve or even jump off. I did the only thing I could do; rely on my reflexes. I turned my handlebars to try to lessen the impact and flung out my right arm to shove myself away from the car, hoping to just tumble off. It didn't work out that way.


Basic physics taught me that when a moving object collides with an immovable object, the force of motion, kinetic energy, is transferred along the object that did the colliding, which was my arm and shoulder.

PAIN! That was all I felt. I didn't even "fly" off my bike, I sort of stumbled off. That's how fast I stopped. And no, I was not biking fast. Remember, the rain was hitting me in the face. I'm not an idiot. I was taking my time. The problem was simply that the force, or kinetic energy had no where else to go except up my arm and through my shoulder.


Now, as my body is not heavier than the car, it absorbed the full impact, dislocating my right shoulder from the joint. The upper part of my humeris, the upper bone in the arm, broke. The roller ball joint which connects the humeris to the shoulder, cracked. (I found out later that my doc was astounded that the ball had cracked yet my collarbone was completely intact; not even bruised. Apparently it takes a lot of force to crack the roller ball joint; much more than to break the collarbone. I remember joking with him, "Want me to go back and try it again?") And just for good measure, the parts that dislocated, moved out of positon to places they were not intended to be.


So, I'm sitting there, on 4th St E, crying, feeling like my arm has been cut off, screaming - SCREAMING - for help, at 5am, trying to get my cell out to call someone. I was finally able to call 911 and get an ambulance. While on the phone, a couple of cars came by. The first car didn't even stop. They were kind enough to swerve around me. The second car stopped, and the driver made sure help was on the way, but he had to go to work. While I talked, or rather, cried and screamed with him, the ambulance dispatch still on the line, the owner of the vehicle I had hit came running out. He looked terrfied; for me, not his car! His name is Marc G., a wonderful, considerate man. Right away the ambulance pulled up and Marc was reassuring me he would take care of my bike, and personal belongings until I could pick them up. During all this, somehow I had the presence of mind to call my driver and tell him I had 2 routes that still had to be delivered. (Hey, the job is the job and the work still has to get done!)


I'm afraid I'll have to stop here for now. Even though I'm only using my left hand, my upper right arm and shoulder feel the pain of sitting at a desk. I'll try to finish this off in the next couple of days. Of course I will post and email when I add on. Hope you all understand.


Though for the day; right now it's 1054am. That means it's taken me almost 1 1/2 hours to type this little bit, with no interruptions. Sheesh! no wonder I'm aching!

Have a good day, and remember, there are just times in life where no matter what you do, no matter what you've been taught, and no matter how much experience you have, life is going to teach you what "fate" truly is.




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