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Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know....

Thought I had died, didn't ya? Too bad, too sad, you were wrong. *sigh* I just didn't want to blog. That's it. Pure and simple. No one's reading, so why bother? Then I remembered Barb S. She once told me I make her laugh, and no, she wasn't referring to when we worked at SB, smart ass! She was referring to my blogs.

Ok , that did it. I just put on a pot of  coffee, got my desk set up for major time typing, and, oh shit, forgot, I quit smoking 19 days ago, so I guess I won't have to "place my ashtray strategically". *sob* I want a smoke! No, no way Jose. Not doing it. Not this time. (Just to bring you up to speed folks, I smoked for more than 18 years, quit for 5 1/2, started again for another 5, and quit 19 days ago. Why did I start again? Shut  up. Like you're perfect. Doofus.)

I'm looking at a list of things I've been wanting to blog about, and it's pretty full of many different things, so this entry is going to bounce around. I'm hoping to blog a bit at least twice a week, but I've said that before, haven't I? (Shut up. I have a life too. It's not much, but it's mine.)


Let's start with my arm/shoulder. Several doc appointments, almost 50 physio sessions, many hours at home spent doing the exercises, numerous curse words exploding out of my mouth when I try to do something and am reminded I can't do that anymore, and here I am. I'm typing fine, but it's a bit more sloppy than it used to be. My muscles and tendons are still being worked on, and will be for a while yet, at least til Christmas. Doc is very pleased, but it turns out what I considered 90% is no where near what he considered 90%. "Able to do everything but shoot freethrows" my ass! I didn't think that description also included little things like reaching up to a cupboard to take down a small can of soup! Now THAT one I can relate to. Shit. Okay. Limited movement, mobility and lifting for the rest of my life. Occasional discomfort, even less occurring aching and pain. Hmmmm. Like just this past Friday for instance? When I had done nothing out of the ordinary and I wanted to slam my entire arm in a car door just to have a different kind of feeling? Hmmm? (psst codein does squat for muscle and tendon pain, and any bone pain in me just doesn't repond to it. My luck. I wonder, is oxycodone as addictive as people say it is? No no no won't go there......hmmmmm...damn, it's tempting...)


Started back at my job on September 11; and it's going well. Same stuff. Calling and giving interviews for market research. My first project back was a fabulous one - one of my faves. The second one, not a favorite but definitely planned! It had to be! I'm talking to people asking them about recent personal care they've had, for example, physiotherapy! Cool! At least I can relate to it. You know folks, going through it myself, it really does lessen the number of times I think "Yeah right crybaby." Now I know why. 'Walk a mile in their shoes.' I'd rather ride a mile.


At the same appointment he said I could go back to work, Doc Corrigan also said I could try my motorcycle. I had tried walking it up and down my driveway to test my arm's strength. Not bad. I know I can do it, and i was excited. I knew it would be best to test myself out in an isolated area, like a parking lot, at a time of day when there would be little traffic - early a.m. is best. Good weather, and I'd be all set. Yeah. It's November 9. This was August 21. There have been two early a.m.'s that would have been great - I wasn't over tired from delivering, didn't have any early appointments or heavy work hours to worry about, didn't miss any sleep, arm didn't give out on me, and both those mornings I had extra deliveries. Is someone trying to tell me something? Cause if they/He is, I really wish they'd use FedEx. This signal/sign/coincidence method of communication really pisses me off to no end. COME ON! If I'm not supposed to ride a motorcycle for some God Damn reason, just tell me. At this moment, my little putt putt is resting in the driveway, gassed up, inflated tires, just waiting for me. And it's currently 35F....that "F" stands for Fucking Degrees. And so it'll stay there.


Oohhh have to tell you this! Now most of you already know, I'm the kind of woman who HATES shopping for clothes. My body is not a pretty one. My sizes are not the easy ones. Shopping for myself is exhausting. Seriously. I can bicycle for hours. I can only clothes shop for two hours max, and I need a nap. NO IT ISN'T OLD AGE! SMARTASSES! (I know Steve thought that one!) Over these past few months, I've been wearing the same jeans for delivering my papers. I'm not ruining my clothes for these things, so I literally wore them out. LOL should see these things! They have holes that would make a rapist's job easy! If I wear them, and that is one big IF, I have to wear pj bottoms underneath so that my *ahem* lady parts are covered. (What was that? Of course I wear underwear you idiot! Sicko!)


Just poured first cup from that pot I set up. Shoulder's aching, but it's a normal ache. I may try a different set up, at least while typing here. I would love a laptop! That would be the best.


Ok let's check out my list.


House M.D. fans - I'm going to be holding a contest very very soon for my House fans/Twitter followers. For over a year now, I've been buying all the music I could that was featured on the tv series. I've bought it from iTunes.ca so it's all legit. I got to remembering when I couldn't afford a single 45 record, (and if you don't know what that is, google the fucking thing!) so I figured I'd offer up a complete set of all the songs I have. (If you're a fan then you're familiar with The Source, a group who's songs were featured many times on House. Well, it appears those songs were never meant for release, that or The Source really thinks they're the cat's meow, because I couldn't find ANY reference to their music outside of House. That includes any type of music search from sites like iTunes, any general net search, and this includes the entire world. Kath, my Twitter friend in Switzerland, took care of searching the Eastern side of the world. Nada. Zip. Nothing. Bipkiss. Zilch. Getting the idea? Problem is, this group is good. A lot of fans I know wanted their music. Sorry folks, but if I can't get it legally, I don't want it. -Doesn't matter, really. I can't find it, legally or illegally.) Any whoo, this contest is basically "answer 10/15 questions correctly - all those who do, shall have their names entered into a draw. One name is drawn. That person wins over 11 hours of House M.D. music. I pay all shipping charges. You pay absolutely nothing. That way, no one can bitch that I received money, thus infringing on copyrights. Ha! All I'm doing is gifting friends with tunes that have already been paid for. And yes, I've kept ALL receipts! If you're interested, or maybe you actually want to follow my tweets, or maybe you're a House fan, or maybe you're just another peep who has nothing better to do with their time, you can go to Twitter.com, and in the search box put @SomeOfEvrything - that's my Twitter name. I don't talk work, I do not breach privacy/confidentiality of others, I do talk about House, but not always. If you're still curious but not a Tweeter, then you can always email me directly [email protected] or go to my Facebook page under Barb Tessier (not the one with the "C" - that's an old account) or you can follow my House MD Quotes Facebook fan page - I post anything to do with House, Hugh Laurie and the cast and crew that I think might be important to others. This will and does include news articles, funny quotes, pictures, etc.  Here's the link:



Cup of coffee #2. Let's count together, shall we? No? Then fuck you too!


Now about that list.

I had read in the paper that Guy Lauzon stated he was against illegal immigrants. Well fuck a duck! I'm sure glad he said that aloud! We all thought you were for them. Thanks for clearing that up Guy. D'uh. Who's writing these headlines?


I had a small yard sale in early September. Nothing huge, just to get rid of some crap. I did okay, made about $60, and got rid of enough stuff. But the ditz across the street! whooooo boy! This is a real winner. She has the cops convinced her ex is a stalker. An abusive stalker. Uh huh. Well, during the course of her THREE WEEK yard sale, yup I said three weeks, he visited her in order to pick up his belongings, which happened to find their way into her yard sale. And I tell you right now, there is no way this guy was stalking her. How can I be so sure? Because I have a Social Service Worker Diploma, and one area we study to death, are the traits of victims. This woman did not act like any victim! And she actually parked her two year old daughter in a shopping cart in the driveway of their apartment building. She didn't show any concern for her child being so near that "horrible" man. She did not back down or show any sign whatsoever of fear. Even the strongest victims, man or woman, no matter how strong or prepared, will show some kind of sign of fear of the "abuser/attacker/stalker". This one didn't. (Oh, and by the way, most of the stuff at her yard sale, came from the Agape Bin in the Legion parking lot on 2nd and Cumberland, and from the Salvation Army collection boxes on 5th and Bedford. My neighbour witnessed the Sally Ann "gatherings" and I saw her and her friends at the Agape Bin. Yeah, a real trustworthy bitch.) two kids, third on the way, no two have the same father....wait a minute, this sounds just like that skank who lived at 322 Cumberland for a while. God damned bloodsucking dirtbags. Good thing I work. I like to know that my money is being put to good use, not something stupid, like putting food in my belly or clothes on MY back.


Enjoying things so far, Barb? Good. Keep reading girlfriend. It's going to get nastier!


Do you know how our streetlights are tended to? I do. Because I went looking for answers. I got them. (WARNING: If you consider yourself a taxpayer with rights in our fair city of Cornwall, you may want to take a toke on a dube, chug a Valium or two, take a swig on that bottle, or whatever, before you read on. I'll give you a minute....)

Ok minute's up. Years ago, the contract for fixing/replacing the bulbs in our city's street lights was "given" to Dundas Power. I don't know if they own us. I don't care. All I know for sure is that if something is wrong with a street light in Cornwall, it's Dundas Power Supply that corrects it. Okay? Now read on...

Before my accident, I had noticed an increasing amount of burnt out street lights, and they weren't being changed. After my accident, and a few weeks after that, I noticed the same lights still had not been changed, as well as numerous others needed tending. (We're talking a time span of about 6 months here folks!) So with determination, I logged the location of every light, with whatever problem I could ascertain just from looking at it. If I wasn't sure what the problem was, I put that down with a description of the 'symptoms'. For example, if a light was going on and off, I would note was it off more than on? If so, for approximately how long?(could be the ballast is shot) Did the light normally show as yellowish light and show as bluish only when coming on/off? (sign bulb is growing weaker, having trouble warming up to the desired wattage). Get the idea? I was methodolical...ok I was fucking picky. And here's why - From 9th to Water Streets, from Pitt Street to Brookdale, I had catalogued 27 street lights requiring attention. TWENTY SEVEN LIGHTS WERE OUT! THIS IS APPROXIMATELY A 9 X 6 CITY BLOCK SECTION - it's a damn small percentage of our city. 27 lights is ridiculous! I called Cornwall Electric, who has a prerecorded message with the number to call for "emergency services"...namely Dundas Power. And yes, "emergency" includes light bulbs burnt out.

Well that was back in September. Most of these lights have been seen to. A lot haven't, and there's "new" ones to add to the list. Teena from Dundas Power tells me the work crew doesn't work overnight unless it's winter. (I'm not even trying to touch that line folks. It's just too damned easy.)



Ok something weird just happened here. Somehow, this page just opened into a separate window, all on it's own and I didn't do a damn thing, so I'm going to save this and add on to it before I lose all I've typed.


I'm back! Had to take a bit of a break, not that you'd notice, but this is my blog, so I'm writing whatever I want. Deal with it.


Cup of coffee number 3 on my way to #4 - don't care if you don't care. No one's holding a gun to your head to read this....or are they? OH MY GOD! DO YOU WANT ME TO CALL THE POLICE? NO? Well then, shut up and read on....


yeah I'm nuts, get over it.


There's something pretty serious I want to get off my chest. The topic is allergies in our children. Could someone please tell me why one child's needs should dictate all other children's actions? You know what I'm referring to. These kids with nut allergies. My heart goes out to them. I know how careful they have to be. I have nasty reactions to colognes and/or strong scents, especially prolonged exposure. It really makes breathing damn hard for me, but never, NEVER have I expected the world to change for my needs. When I go somewhere, unless that place/business has adapted special policies and has made their customers fully aware of those policies, then I do NOT expect any kind of specialized treatment. I do NOT advertise this issue I have.

So please, tell me, why is it that if your child is allergic to peanuts, my child must change their life to accomodate your child? Why must my child be denied a peanut butter sandwich? Why must my child consistently wash their hands "just in case"? Why must they avoid your child as though they have the plague, when all your child probably wants is to be treated as normally as possible? Why can't you teach your child thoroughly, and/or keep them at home? I've taught my child as best as I can. The schools/teachers/attendants do what they can. We have adapted our lives, but why should we LIVE them for you? Your child is different, but my child is expected to live your child's life. BULLSHIT!


Next on the list, coffee #4


I've got new neighbours. Out of the blue, Kevin and Candace announced they were moving. They wanted to develop their family in a more accomodating neighbourhood. :/  Belvedere Crescent. Hmmm. That neighbourhood is considered "ritzy". Then a neighbour/friend confirmed my perceptions; they had spoken with my "friends". Seems they want to upgrade their lives and home, in order to raise their children in a more stable environment. Stability isn't something you buy, it's how you raise your kids/family. And as for upgrading, honey go for it. I wish you the best of luck. This community here is one of the best I've ever seen/been in. Your loss. Not ours. LONG LIVE THE BLUE COLLAR WORKERS! WE WORK HARD! WE HAVE STRONG WORK ETHICS! WE DO NOT WANT EVERYTHING HANDED TO US ON A SILVER PLATTER! WE WANT OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILIES KEPT SAFE; FOOD ON THE TABLE; CLOTHES ON OUR BACKS, HEAT IN THE WINTER AND AC IN THE SUMMER! WE ACTUALLY WANT TO WORK FOR WHAT WE HAVE - THAT WAY WE FEEL WORTHY FOR WHAT WE HAVE. (If we happen to win the lottery along the way, then it's because we deserved to win - HEY, IT COULD HAPPEN!)


ohhhhhhhh I almost forgot about this article, that appeared in the Seaway News in the Friday October 5th issue: Eat the Blue and Green M&M's First.

It's one of those articles that could be funny and/or serious, depending on your point of view. I laughed my ass off!

The article tells about how in northeastern France, certain apiaries have been producing honey in shades of green and blue, only to discover, the bees from these apiaries have been exposing themselves to the waste containers from an M&M's plant nearby. In other words, the crap being disposed of, namely green and blue M&M's, or rather the dyes, sugars, whatever, is being picked up and "eaten", absorbed, sucked up, by the bees, and of course, it's showing up in their honey!

Ok not hilarious, but definitely amusing. Here's what I love; the Mars corporation operates a chocolate factory near the area, about 100km away from the apiaries. Guess what one of the products they produce is? Yup, M&M's. Now, considering all the products that Mars produces, it's quite feasible to assume that this same factory also produces Mars chocolate bars, Snickers, maybe even Twix bars. (And this is just the chocolate line folks!) Now take this one step further --- how about a honey, that tastes like chocolate? Or better yet, a honey layered with caramel that tastes like chocolate! Holy crap, get those bees to sign a contract! If they can make honey change colours then imagine what they can do to the flavor! Bring it on baby! I'll pay the extra for the travelling! :D 


Barb S. I know you'll appreciate this next bitch, rant, rave, etc. My list for blogging items has "fire outside, w/child". It refers to the morons who live behind me at 228 McLean Avenue. They have one of those outdoor patio fireplaces, the one with the removable lid, and they do remove it, even though the law states it has to be used at all times. They like to light BIG fires in it, even though the law has very specific burning regulations for those who use these blasted things mere feet from their neighbours' homes. They like to let their 7 year old boy tend the fire while they're in their driveway, smoking pot. Yes, I'm certain it's pot. I've seen them smoking it. I've smelled it. I've stood there talking to them both while they both have smoked it.The mother's rationalization: I can see him. He's fine. Uh huh. I had enough. For the second time in 3 years, I called the fire department to check if these morons had their permit. This time they did have their permit, but from what I could see they were not following the specifications that are outlined to use it. Namely, the fireplace itself is not the minimum required distance from structures, (their garage or my fence). Their little boy is left to "tend" the fire, and feed it with wood covered in something that results in a grey-green smoke being released (that's chemical smoke by the way), and of course no cover, meaning the sparks are actual embers from the fire being blown around. The fire inspector shows up. What these twits don't realize is that in our neighbourhood, voices carry. Our homes form "tunnels"; sound travels very well. So well, as a matter of fact, I hear the inspector clearly. "She wastes our time with these kinds of calls." *Ahem* So, you consider concern for my property, for their child, a "waste of your time"? Thought it was your job. So, you consider two calls in a three year period a waste of your time? Your attitude might just explain why you're on this kind of call at 10pm instead of actually fighting fires. Hang on! Turns out the inspector is a personal friend of the home owner. The home owner is a general contractor and knows the inspector personally, and he's being introduced to the inspector's rookie partner. (Told you, sound travels very well here, including deep tenor voices.) So, guess that means I'm screwed. Not necessarily. First, if their boy gets hurt, I'll be damned sure to let the proper authorities know. I've kept details of their "actions" if you will. Next, if ANY kind of damage to my home results from their stupidity, I'll sue their asses off, then I'll hunt down that inspector, and sue him for dereliction of duty resulting in damage to my property. Thirdly, I'll make damn sure that the Children's Aid Society looks into this home situation. Hey, I know this woman. She never comes off as anything but a perfect mom. But just think of the headaches an investigation will give them. Pretty fucking sad situation folks. Pretty --- fucking --- sad.


ok going to publish this now, save the other items for another day.


Thought of the day: I so LOVE this one! -----

If you're not interested in what I have to say, then why are you listening to me?



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