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Ok your ass is covered; now what about mine?

Howdy all! This past Friday, when I thought I could handle it, I decided to get the rest of those damn freebie newspapers delivered. I...was....wrong.

Remember my earlier post of having trouble with shallow breathing? Well I finally hit my limits! Friday evening, at 6p I walked into the ER at CCH - McConnell, and registered to be seen by, hopefully, a competent doctor. When I was finally seen, (not bad- only about 1/2 hour wait), the doc took me seriously. I believe her name is, or sounds like, Dr. Boucier. She set me up with regular blood draws - AVG, d:dimer - blood gas, chest xrays, for starters. (Note here; ask anyone who has had a blood gas drawn and they will tell you it damn well hurts. This is one time it does actually depend on whom you ask. A blood gas is when blood is drawn from an artery in your wrist. If you have large arteries and good blood flow, the pain is more of a nasty muscle ache, about a 4/10, and it basically feels like someone hitting you in a sore muscle - only it doesn't stop until they take the needle out. If your arteries are small, and the tech/nurse has to ...ahem..."dig" around for it, you'd better have someone to hold onto, cause it's going to hurt like a motherf(*^&(*&;)&*(! I was very lucky. My arteries are nothing like my mother's were; I fell into the former category. Thank God! I gave the pain/ache a 4/10 only because when you're feeling like crap, can't take a deep breath and you're scared to death, then that 4 seems like a 7. Hey how about that? Mom wasn't right all the time!)

My results come back pretty damn quickly - that's spooky! - and the doc pulls me into one of those tiny exam rooms to "discuss" my results. She then informs me I have very small blood clots throughout my bloodstream. I'm not even going to discuss what one teensy tiny clot can do, let alone the big ones, or the tiny pieces broken off of big ones. She schedules me for a CT scan for Saturday morning at 8 am, with "You HAVE to be here for 745. I'm serious. I want you here TOMORROW!" (standard operating procedure folks, and I knew this. If there's even a chance of a major blood clot anywhere in your body, medical folk have to act fast. In the lungs, it's called a pulmonary embolism; in the heart, a heart attack; in the brain, a stroke; and, God help you, if one gets caught in a piece of muscle in a limb, within 24 hours you will experience the beginning of muscle death, and more often than not, the limb has to be removed. Almost never can the clots be successfully removed once muscle death has started, that's only one reason why the urgency.) So I'm given a standard start dose of blood thinners, and once the CT scan is done, the doc will determine if I have to continue the thinners.

All other tests were completely clear...so far.

I arrived at 20 to 8 on Saturday morning, only to find out that the doc should not have scheduled me for that time because the CT only opens at 8 am, and they go according to whomever they choose to scan. I told them exactly what Dr Boucier had said, and the CT tech went to verify the info. Holy crap! She was back in 5 minutes and told me exactly what to do. In 15 minutes I was registered and ready to go for my scan. If you think it's scary having tests done, they try it when you put ahead of anyone else. There is NO feeling special; only worried.

Ok, so CT scans come back and Doogie Howser, only with short Chekov-from-classic-Star Trek-hair, gives me my results. Nothing. Heart and lungs look fine. We've ruled out all the nasty "conditions". COPD's and the like. And in the space of barely 2 minutes, this "doctor", who looks like he'd rather be anywhere else, informs me "I'm an ER doctor. This isn't my area." 4 bloody times! It sounded just like he was covering his own ass before caring about my lungs. The son of a bitch.

I tell him there is something wrong and I want more tests done. I tell him I know my body, I've lived in it for 46 years, and I've been very healthy my whole life. Something is wrong. I tell him Dr Boucier had suggested pulmonary and cardio function testing, and he has the balls to ask me if that's what I want? No you dildough. I'm enjoying sitting here, terrified, wondering if I'll breathe normally ever again, accepting your word that nothing is wrong when only 4 damn tests have been done. Please, just let me leave and be sure to step over my body on your way out, moron!

But that's not what I said...sorry to disappoint you. I tell him yes.

Those blood clots they found? Well turns out ol Doc Boucier didn't tell me something about the d:dimer blood tests: if the test comes out negative it means you have one/two conditions - a pulmonary embolism and/or Deep Vein Thrombosis (clot in the limb) - no other possible meaning for a negative d:dimer. What about if it's positive? LOL There about a couple of thousand things that could cause a positive result in a d:dimer - 1- aging 2- physical exertion 3- trauma, yada yada yada, yeah I stopped too when I heard that second one. Folks, about 1.5 hours before that blood draw, I was peddling my ass off on my bike, weighed down with those damn freebie papers.

*sigh* shallow breathing problem continues, (has since about April), so now I'm waiting for the Respiratory Clinic to call me to set up an appointment to have the pulmonary function tests done. I'd better not hear anyone tell me it's all in my head. Even Dr Boucier said it - "I don't see any evidence in you that you're having problems with anxiety other than that which you feel because of this problem with shallow breathing." In other words, please, feel free to shit bricks now. Oh goody, I'm on the right track. *sigh*


My friend Joanne, and two of her friends, Chantal and Bonnie, are having an open house for Avon on Saturday December 8th, from 9am to 6 pm at 484 Bousquet Ave. (between 10th and 11th Streets and between Marlborough and McConnell Avenues.)They always have the best open houses! A little bit of everything for everyone, and draws too. Come one come all!


Did you hear about the "almost" lockdown in 2 Long Sault Schools this past week? Seems "suspicious" armed men were seen in the area, so to protect the children, a lockdown was ordered for nearly two hours.

I will be the first one to protect any child, but I do wonder about these "armed men" that were "seen". Anyone out there, over the age of 40, know bloody well that before we had caller ID, call display, or any of those other handy gadgets we now use on a regular basis, that "bomb threats" were extremely common in schools, for children of any ages. If you and your friends wanted the afternoon off from school bad enough, then you risked getting caught and dragged home by the cops (which in those days was something very serious - not anymore though, *sigh*) IF you were caught.

So, who's to say that maybe, just maybe, a couple of kids decide they want that French test to disappear, or maybe they just want to "see what it's like" to make a false claim. It's a lot of attention for a child. A lot of fanfare. It can be very, very tempting.....think about it.


Can someone please tell me why is it that no one knows where exactly the new toll booth for the ground-level bridge is going to go when we were told this issue was settled over one year ago? Yeah, I know, I know, I read the article too. Apparently it was still "up in the air". While a tentative decision had been reached, the powers that be had apparently decided to leave the decision as a temporary conclusion. WTF is a temporary conclusion? Temporary = not permanent. Conclusion = the end or close; final part. (dictionary.com) Um folks, does anyone else see a problem with this? IF THE ISSUE HAS ENDED, HOW THE HELL CAN THE SOLUTION NOT BE PERMANENT? WOULDN'T THAT MEAN THE ISSUE HAS NOT ENDED?


With this kind of logic out there in our universe, the only thing I can think of to say in reply is:             I reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want a cigarette!


Ok that's it for now. I need to get some sleep. I'm working on a project currently that leaves me wanting to walk over to the nearest wall, place both hands palm side down against it at shoulder height, and repeatedly bang my head, in order just to shake the bullshit out of my mind! Yup it can be just that bad.




"If it weren't for sarcasm, I'd never want to speak to you."

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