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OMG they did what?????

Let the bitchfest begin! WOOHOO~!


Hmmmm so Mark MacDonald claims people who picked up his signs early were the ones who put them up early on their lawns; his team had nothing to do with it.

D'uh! Then don't give them out early! Did you really need someone to tell you that?


Before I go farther, on a personal note...........





Hey! Wait til you hear this! About 4 years ago, when I started delivering the morning papers, one of my customers, (pays through the office), was outside with her husband tending to some flowers. As I walked by, I realized I had never met them before so I walked up to introduce myself. He was in a squat on the front sidewalk; she was just coming out of their side door. "Hello" I said, with a wave and a smile. "I'm your paper carrier, Barb." What happened next floored me! He barely looks up from his flowers and waves me away with his hand, three quick times, dismissing me. The woman turns around quickly and walks back to the door.


It take a hell of a lot to leave me speechless; and that's what happened. I stood there with my mouth hanging open, aghast. Rude does not describe these two persons' actions.


It was months later when I discovered in this home lived Mrs. Elaine MacDonald and her husband; our illustrious NDP candidate.


A couple of weeks ago, while discussing some work to be done on my home with my contractor, whom I had waited for three months to meet with, Elaine comes walking up my driveway, campaigning. Oooooh boy! When I saw her, I had to squeeze my lips tight to be civil. She holds out her hand and introduces herself. I shook her hand limply, intentionally (an insult in some parts of the world, but she probably didn't know this.). "I know who you are. I'm your paper carrier." She didn't even flinch. "Yes I know." She starts chatting with my contractor, interrupting our meeting. FUCKING RUDE THERE ELAINE! When she finally said "Well I'll let  you two get back to your chatting." I responded, "I'd appreciate that as we were having a conversation about work." (Please note here, at no time did my voice have a pleasant intonation. I did not have a smile on my face, and you couldn't have painted one on.) She actually had the nerve to apologize with a smile for interrupting.


Now, here's what I want to know. Is Elaine MacDonald only going to be pleasant when she wants something from us? Or can I just assume that that one day at her home she didn't feel like engaging in chat with a mere paper carrier? Or perhaps her husband was "calling the shots". Is she the type of woman who does as she's told? Did the word "obey", from her marriage vows, carry more weight than we know? Is this what we can expect if you're elected Elaine?




Some of you already know that I recently bought a digital piano from Melody Music. My lessons start this Saturday.~~~So I figured, I should take this opportunity to change my living room around. After all, the same basic setup of furniture has been used for the last 43 1/2 years! ~~~I make plans, take numerous measurements, drill new holes for cables, block dog in kitchen, clear off all shelves, yada yada yada, and start with the move. THREE freaking hours later, soaked with sweat and sore, I'm "sort of" satisfied with the result. It looks ok, but the tv can only be seen from one direction. (The old way you could see it from anywhere in the living room and from the kitchen doorway.) And the sofa was closer to the tv, but that wasn't too bad.


I sit down to test it out; hmmm little close to front door, but I mostly use the back. Coffee table little too close. Not bad. Over all it's ok, except like being able to see my tv from any direction..............

And then something happens. My baby, my 12 1/2 year old Border Collie/Shepard Collie mix, walks over to settle on the couch herself......and walks right into my dvd/vhs/cd storage unit! (I knew her eyesight wasn't great, but I never thought it was THAT bad!)


GUILT! That was all I felt. That did it! It took less than 15 minutes to put everything back the way it was. I ended up moving one small cabinet and one end table to make room for my piano - less than 10 minutes. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Live and learn. But I did get a good workout that day! :D


Got a very nice compliment about this blog site on Wednesday. Ran into a friend at No Frills and she told me I had made her laugh. She said "I could see you saying that!" Thanks Barb! :D That's what I've been aiming for.


If anyone has trouble sending comments, you can send them to   [email protected]. I've been checking and while I do get emails notifying me anytime a message is left, it seems you have to be a "member" of this blog site for me to get the notice. Sorry for any confusion!


Some of you are aware that I do product testing for certain companies. It's not often but it usually coincides with whenever I'm trying to lose a couple of pounds! The last time it was pudding. Now it's a meal replacement cereal packed with carbs and sugar! COME ON! I'm 45 on October 1st! It's hard enough to keep my weight down without having to follow through on a commitment to give my opinions about these delicious food items! The damn pudding was chocolate too! Try to resist that!


You know, sometimes it really does feel like I'm "flogging a dead horse"!


A short time ago, I made the final payment on a large debt I owed, leaving me "debt free"....well, except for my mortgage. I swear, I had barely tasted the "freedom" when, while having my furnace cleaned, I was informed that the ULC was "cracking down" on people with "older homes" and their inefficient chimney liners.  FOR CHRISTS' SAKE! Ok ok, the clay liner has long since disappeared, and as I was told, the "base temperature" that is considered acceptable for an oil furnace to be considered safely usable, productive, basically efficient enough to not cause any type of household hazard like excessive moisture draining out of the chimney, or excessive heat build up (that's a bad thing with our winters?????), is barely being met in my own furnace because of the old clay liner breaking down. KA-CHING! And $1623 later ~~~~~ AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!


'sigh' okay, at least this should shut the ULC up! First it was the furnace, then the oil tank, now the chimney. Look you bastards, there's nothing else here for you to bitch about regarding my oil heating service, so fuck off for once and for all! It'd better be another 25 years before you send your dogs sniffing around here again!


That felt good to get off my chest. But then again, that's what my blog is for, right?  ;)


Anyone else get their Sears' Christmas Wish Book yet? It is almost mid September!  :D


House Season 8 premieres Monday, October 3rd at 9 pm on Fox. I know what I'll be doing then......


Thought for the day:  A few possible choices to use as responses to those who like to bitch:

Oh I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to give you the impression that I cared.

I totally understand. Now fuck off and leave me alone.


You know something, I bitch enough for the both of us. Now shut the hell up!

It's too bad you couldn't bottle that "whine"; you'd make a fortune! But then you'd probably complain about that too, wouldn't you?



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