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As I'm sitting here, sipping my first Tim's of the day, at 6am, papers done, waiting to see if Mark will need my help with completing deliveries today, I enter my fave news site for Cornwall - www.cornwalldailynews.com.

I choke on my coffee as I read one of the headlines - Mark MacDonald Defends Liberal Immigrant Hiring Incentive. Seems the Liberals want employers to receive $10 grand for each IMMIGRANT they hire. WTF??????????????? Now, I believe anyone can support whatever they want to; that's their choice. But how can the Liberals actually support something so discriminatory? What about all the non immigrants who lost their jobs? Has the Liberal party been snorting too much coke cut with baking soda again? 'Cause overuse of illegal narcotics is the only thing I can think of that would explain such a fucking stupid idea!!!!

Now don't get me wrong folks. I am NOT against immigrants. I am against favouritism; no matter who it is for. Make that $10,000 for employers to hire anyone who, say, has lost his/her job, due to closures, in the past two years. There's a great incentive! It would apply to men, women, immigrants, non immigrants - in a nutshell ~ Canadians who are out of work for no reason of their own; and of course, who have had GOOD work records and were not known for being lazy doggers. (Those types are just a waste of air and should be shot.)


This is the first time, in my 44 years of being alive, in my 27 1/2 years of being a registered Liberal supporter - voter that I am saying this: I AM PROUD TO SUPPORT THE CONSERVATIVES (at least this time round).

There is no fucking way, on God's green earth, that I am going to support a party that actually wants to discriminate against Canadians because they are NOT immigrants. Good luck with that one!


Do you remember where you were.........

January 26, 1986, when the space shuttle Challenger blew up?

- I was studying for my grade 13 Physics exam, in the kitchen. Mom was in the shower. Anne was watching tv.

September 11, 2001?

- I was out delivering Avon orders, in a corner store, buying a soda, at the intersection of 6th W and Bedford. The tv was on, showing the first plane's crash. I rushed home, noticing the eerie silence of the city, just in time to see the second crash happen on CNN.


Funny how we can remember our actions in such detail, yet neither of these occurances affected my life directly - only indirectly. Ask yourself where you were and what you were doing. You'll be surprised how vivid your memories are. And yet, I can't freaking remember what I ate for lunch yesterday.


I had a great shift at work yesterday. Only one person yelled at me and no men sexually harrassed me. Wait - that second thing - that was GOOD?


I received a very nice compliment last Wednesday, sort of. While out delivering the comps for the SF, a nice young man stopped to chat with me. (Not something I normally do while out alone at 1:30 in the morning, but hey, I knew I could take him if I had to.) While chatting, he said I was too young to be working overnight. I asked him how old he thought I was and he replied in a heartbeat "27". HOLY SHIT! I laughed. Seems the only time I get such wonderful compliments from a man are when : 1) It's very late and dark

           2) two street lights at least must be out

           3) the male must be ripping drunk!

So as of this point, I'm not paying my electric bill and I'm keeping a 2-4 of Blue in my fridge at all times!  :lol:  Screw the candles, too! They can "feel" their way around.  ;) 


Can someone please tell me what three teenage girls, are doing sitting in the bushes of Memorial Park, on 3rd West, at 245 in the morning? Could've been a lesbian menage a trois, maybe a discussion of the latest Prada, or possibly they were plotting a secret coup of the ProActive Acne Solution Company. Whatever. I just want to know one thing; Where the hell were their parents?


Folks, many of you know that as a cyclist, I do take chances on occasion. It's not necessary; just something I do. I've been biking for about 39 of my 44 years. However, there are some things that I will never do, like this:

This past Wednesday, at about 130 am, at Cumberland and 7th W, I hear the whine of one of those damned e-bikes. He's in the driving lane. (First sign he's a moron - yes it was a "he".) A young boy, about 14 or 15 years old I'd say, is biking beside him, or so I thought, on a "regular" bike. It turns out he wasn't "biking" beside him; the boy was grabbing the e-biker's jacket in his left hand and using the e-bike's power to travel alongside. (Second reason, and irrefutable proof that they are both morons!)


For another moron; Mister, yeah, you who lives at 213 Brookdale Avenue, if you didn't let your bags of garbage pile up over a three week period, and sit in full sunlight during the day, when the temps top out at 87 degrees farenheit, then you wouldn't have skunks and raccoons digging through your garbage!


Got my House Season 7 set of dvd's. I know what I'm doing with any spare time I may have this week!


Thought of the day: Try, try again. And if all else fails..............a small all dressed pizza, with bacon, from Louis' and an ice cold Bud will make it all better. :P 

Have a good one folks!


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