Sunday, September 11, 2011

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We all know the significance of the date September 11, 2001 ~ two towers, plane crashes, terrorism. It affected every single one of us on this planet, but folks, let's remember other reasons to remember the date September 11:


My friend Mike Taillon is celebrating a birthday today. He's a great guy and his wife is super too! They have kids, jobs, a home ~ I hope they achieve every single thing in life they shoot for.


In 1609, on Sept. 11 Henry Hudson sails into New York harbor and discovers Manhattan Island and the mouth of the river later named in his honor - the Hudson River.



And here's a few more significant occurances that happened on Sept. 11 throughout the years:



Let's face it, we could take ANY date whatsoever, and tie it into something horrible, personal, worldwide, whatever. There is something negative about everything and everyone. It's the idiots who choose to obsess over this; who choose to not  move on that maintain the paranoia and keep it strong. While many wonderful people lost their lives in this horrific attack, not to mention all of the civil servants who were killed after the actual attack, when the buildings fell, there are plenty of us left who will live on.

We do not have to live in fear; yet we do.

We now look twice at that stranger on the street walking by us.

Perhaps we no longer trust anyone; not even those we have known personally for years.

People of heritage that is different from our own are now the target of hatred to the degree that we won't even consider them as worthy of our friendship, and only because of their ethnicity. God help them if they have a different belief system.


When we choose to disassociate ourselves from people, of any race, because of fear, of course we're hurting them with our prejudice, but we're also hurting ourselves and our children. How many wonderful friendships will never come to light? How many excellent employees will never be realized because they weren't hired due to their ethnic background? Why should a pregnant woman be denied proper prenatal care simply because her background is different from ours? Why should someone's child be denied the proper schooling because their parents don't believe in the same things that the other childrens' parents do?


The attacks are done with.

From time to time, I find myself crying over the atrocity that happened, and for all those who were directly affected. To simply imagine the fear these victims experienced is too much, but I will NOT live in fear! I will give others the same courtesies I want for myself. I will NOT assume a stranger is out to cause me and my family harm simply because I don't know him/her. I will NOT let paranoia run my life. And I hope all of you will join me in this group.


Terrible things happen. It sucks, but that's the way it is. I know from my own personal experiences. And it took a very long time for me to finally realize this. Terrible things happen. They always have. They always will. Do what you can, then move on. Join me. Let's live while we're alive, and invite others, from all walks of life, to do the same.


Thought of the day: Fear and sorrow are a part of our daily lives. Every day, every minute, every second. They are here, and they will never leave. How you deal with it helps determine how you live. They day you give in, is the day you die.

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