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Posted on September 16, 2011 at 10:05 PM

The needs of the one.......

Well. I've been forced to leave work early tonight. I was supposed to work til 11pm, but had to log off at 916pm. My neighbour, Mr. Jack Coleman, is having a birthday party for someone, and has hired a rock band to perform.........in his backyard. Coleman resides one house behind and to the right of me. In other words, about 100 yards away. With the noise shaking my windows, scaring my dog, and leaving me frustrated and unable to focus, I called our local police around 5pm to complain ~ about one hour after it started.


At approximately 910 pm, the police got in touch with me to inform me that Coleman purchased a noise bylaw exemption permit, allowing him to have this band playing between 7 and 10 pm. When I asked the police What about my job, in so many words, they told me it was my problem. He had applied, paid for, and been granted the permit.


Don't get me wrong. By no means have I EVER expected the world to stop because I work out of my home, but I wondered why wasn't it required to have this permit posted where the public could view it easily? Where were the mail out notices that informed the immediate neighbours? I mean after all, if it's something that's taken serious enough, i.e. noise level, to need a special permit to go outside of the safety requirements, then should not everyone in the immediate vicinity of this home not be informed? I asked the police this and all they said was "It is not required."


So for a few bucks anyone can inconvenience any person and have it be legal, not taking into consideration any factor of the affected's personal lives, yet, I, or the affected party, who also pay taxes, do not even receive the courtesy of a forewarning, with which, we can make "adjustments" in order to minimalize the effects on our personal lives. GOD I CAN'T WAIT TIL I'M RETIRED, SITTING AROUND MY HOME DAY AFTER DAY, DOING SWEET FUCK ALL BUT BOOZING AND ABLE TO TREAT ANYONE I WANT LIKE SHIT...........AND HAVE IT BE LEGAL!


Anyone notice the NDP signs around town? They're promising a "poverty free" province.

See, this is why I do not support the NDP. They have the right ideas. They want a perfect world. Trouble is, it is not possible. They make the promises we want to hear, and for the most part, they do mean it. But they make so many wonderful sounding promises, that they have "too much on their plate" to even make a notch in anything they want to achieve.

They only have 4 years, and usually they do get started on a lot of what they want, but after the four years, they never achieve enough of what they promised to show they're going to actually finish it. So a new government gets elected and trashed everything they started. In short, the NDP will start, but they never finish. They spread themselves too thin. Their goals are unrealistic, and that is of  no help whatsoever to us Canadian citizens.

If I want a fence sitter in Parliament, I'll vote for Humpty Dumpty. At least then I can have a tasty omelet.  :P




Dang these guys are good! Three teenage boys from Italy are wowing the world with their talent. I got goosebumps listening to them, then I sent this link to everyone on my email list; posted it on Facebook and now I'm putting it here. Has to be pretty damned good for me to pay this much attention to them. Listen for yourself:    http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=CLThl6xEYBM


And the band plays on.......now 1014pm. HEY COPS, THOUGHT THE PERMIT WAS FROM 7-10, NOT 6 TIL WHENEVER WE FEEL LIKE IT!



Thanks to my Team Supervisor Chantelle for understanding about tonight. There's no way I can convince someone to talk to me if I can't even focus on that person.


As the holidays come closer and closer, faster and faster, I'd like to extend an invitation to all out there, and tell you to please pass it on: I have numerous recipes I love to use. They are tried and true, from at least two generations, sometimes three, in my family. I know what it's like to want a decent recipe for something, yet not want to try something new because you have no idea how it'll turn out. Therefore I like to let people know if they are looking for a recipe, let me know and I will do what I can to help.


1032pm, still noisy......dog won't go outside


I was told earlier this week "All you do is complain!" Sorry but nothing could be farther from the truth. I consider myself "realistic". I've also been told I'm optimistic. Nope. Wrong again. I do not believe on dwelling on the negative. It is a waste of my time. I also do not believe that "seeing the brighter side of everything" is productive. How can you overcome the negative if you only believe in the positive? Realistic attitudes are the ones that take you the farthest in life. For example, there are many people that will tell you that to love someone, you have to trust them totally. Bullshit. There are varying levels of trust. I myself, trust my sister Anne as my medical proxy. I trust her as my estate trustee, to a certain extent. But I will never trust her to return a phone call. Or with cooking a meal without celery. Realistic.

I trust my contractor and his men with the keys to my home. I leave the keys with them and go about my business. No worries. However, I would never trust them with the daily care of my home. Only because they have homes of their own and I know they have their own priorities, which is as it should be. So in this case it's not so much a lack of trust, as it is a realistic expectation. See? Different levels. You can trust the man you love to remain faithful, but can you trust him to wash the dishes before you get home? Different levels. Remember that.


Thought of the day:  My head is now pounding from the music going on outside my home. It's now 1040 pm with no sign of stopping. I'd call the police again, but they are damned busy with caring for Cornwall, so I really don't expect them to come running. I was hoping that Coleman would abide by the extension noise permit, but guess I wasn't being realistic. See? Being Unrealistic gets you nowhere fast.

Be realistic, in your expectations, especially when it comes to yourself. You will be far happier. And if someone, someday tells you you're "always complaining", respond with "Really? Then why are you always listening? I don't see anyone with a gun to your head." Smile and walk away. Let them know you have realistic expectations about your relationship. Namely, if they're going to stand there and listen, then why shouldn't you stand there and talk?

1044pm.........taking 2 Advil and signing off......


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