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A bit of this and a bit of that....

Whew! Just had a bit of a scare. The message "could not access your page" kept popping up; seems a bit of a burp in the system ~ that or someone has hacked into my blog site to determine just how much of a threat I really am. heh heh heh buahahahaha~~ be afraid; be very afraid!


I'm discovering that there are symptoms in peri-menopause that really suck no matter how mild they are, namely insomnia. Sheesh! I get two hours a night and four hours each day to sleep and if I get a total of two, I'm lucky. Ya know, sometimes I wonder just how smart I am to remain drug free, (aside from alcohol and cigarettes, I mean.)


As I'm writing this entry, there are three men roaming around my home. They are well dressed, intelligent and hard working. I couldn't decide which one to use the most so I took all three and whomever can get out of the duct tape first will be the "winner"! (Okay, okay, they're here to install the lining for my chimney. A girl can dream if she wants to, right?)


From Ultramar and EnerCombustion, I think special notice should be given to Angela, the hub of the wheel, for service calls, and Sana, from the Cornwall office. HI LADIES! They truly appreciate a sense of humour; mine. (HEY! I didn't say a GOOD sense of humour, did I?)


Something weird happened to me on Wednesday, September 14 that I had wanted to write about, but things have been so bloody hectic! As of Friday I will have worked every single day, yup, Sundays too, at my Market Research Interviewing Agent job. (Thank you for all those lovely elections; raaaaalllllppppphhhhhh.)

As usual, I was out delivering my SF complimentaries, but this one night I was truly tired, (see the insomnia comment above!) so I did only 5 of the 9 routes I had, and headed for Tim's. On my way home, taking Brookdale and heading south, as I passed the bridge toll booth, I noticed a dark shape in the middle of the road - dead center. It was a shoe. A single shoe. Now, as a cyclist, I know damn well what it feels like to be hit with something that a car's tire has inadvertently sent flying, so I figured I'd go back and kick it over to the side of the road.

No sooner had this thought crossed my mind, and before I could begin turning, zoom! another shoe, middle of the road. Okay. That made me slam the brakes, just about spilling my coffee. WTF? I thought. Is someone out here at 1am barefoot? Nope. Two different shoes, both brand new, both size 6 1/2. Hmmmm, okay. I take up one, toss it to the side, go back to the first, toss it to the side, head on for home.

Zip! Another shoe? What in hell happens on this street? This shoe was just on Fifth W as you turn off Brookdale. Ok. Now I'm curious. I actually bike back, pick up the first two shoes, then go get the third. (I still have the bag I carry my papers in. I used that to carry them.) Now I'm curious and mildly interested. Hey, when you're beat, exhausted, been working, and have a hot coffee in your hand, you'll do anything to stay awake because you know you have to work til 7 am at least! And if the source of interest happens to be shoes on the road, who am I to question?

Now I'm on Fifth W, turning onto Yates. Yup two more shoes, one slipper. Turn onto Fourth W, head east. More shoes. You get the idea. Here's the path I had taken, finding shoes all along the way, in the center of the street: 4th W to Cumberland to Second W to Sydney to 5th W to Pitt to driveway leading behind St Columban's Church, into Agape parking lot, and that's where I found the last shoe. All told, I had picked up 13 pairs of shoes (individually along the route) and 3 whose mates could not be found. All the shoes were brand new, except where they had been run over by cars of course, and fell into the 5 1/2 - 6 1/2 womens' size range.

Hmmmmm. I matched them up, tossed the singles, tossed the ones that had been damaged and kept the rest to sell at that yard/crap sale I keep talking about.

Oh, by the way, I finally got home at 145 am. I dare any of you ladies out there to go shopping for 13 pairs of shoes in 45 minutes!


uh huh, I hear ya, "Barb? What about your crap sale? Didn't you say you were going to have it at the end of September?" Yes I did say that, and in case you can't read, I've been working a lot, so of course, I had to prioritize a few things.


Piano lessons going well. Only two so far, but I'm already pleased. And so is Brenda, my teacher.


Have you been living under a rock? Yes? Well then, to all you paranoid folks out there: I can get your address, mailing information, alternate phone numbers and full name as easy as 411.com, or any public listing search tool. Seriously though, I'm really surprised how many people don't know about these search sites. Thought everyone, even those without computers, knew about this!


Today, I'm off to see our MP, Guy Lauzon. I'm finally getting a passport! The picture SUCKS! (I figured since I've voted PC twice now, he owes me one. :D ;) Yeah, yeah, I know, he does this every single day, but I had to use humour. Some of you folks have come to expect it of me. OOOOOHHHH THE PRESSURE!


I've read in MANY articles that once a woman starts menopause her sex drive will decrease. It's not only normal; it will happen. Yeah? WHEN?


I love anagrams. Want to try something fun? Take your first and last name and form words from the letters. You should be able to form descriptive words that apply to you and/or your personality. You cannot however, use short forms of your name. For example, Barbra Tessier also is "breast braiser", meaning a pot for roasting breast. Uh huh, so that's why they shrank! Oh wait, they didn't shrink; they were never large enough to shrink! It also spells "set bar; rise bar". That is descriptive for myself. I'll set limits then when I reach those limits I try to go past them. And I usually do. However "rest Babs' rear" or "Barb arises; rest!" are not allowed, as Babs and Barb are forms of Barbra. Too bad. That "Barb arises; rest!" would be perfect for me, meaning "Jesus Christ! Would you sit down for one damn minute!" (so as my mother used to say). Get the idea? Give it a try.


Attention Hugh Laurie fans! Friday, September 30th, at 9 pm, on PBS, Great Performances is featuring Hugh's trip and recordings from New Orleans. Apparently Hugh is crazy about Blues music. Hmmmmm, maybe I'll give Blues another chance.................


If anyone wants a very old 10,000 BTU air conditioner, that uses freon (hope I spelled that right) you can have it, but I warn you, it is FUCKING HEAVY and it sucks the electricity like there's no tomorrow! I strongly recommend you have a breaker system and it MUST have it's own breaker. Believe me, you WILL trip the breaker if it isn't isolated in your system. And your electricity bill will go up! Don't say I didn't warn you!


What's that? The goverment takes them away for free? Without any charge? And they'll take care of the freon too? As long as you meet their conditions, they will. See, I knew about this program many months ago, and I did meet the conditions; back then. But, my little life was busy so I put it "on the back burner". Now the conditions for free pick up have changed. Now you must also have a freezer or fridge to be picked up too. I do have a very large freezer, uses freon, that I want to get rid of, but there's a small problem. You see, the freezer would either have to be sawn in half, longways, or the cellar doorway would have to be removed. And guess what the government says? Yup, you guessed it, clear, easy access must be available, on one level. And mine is in the basement. The damn thing was too big to use as a coffee table folks! It makes a nice storage chest though.  ;) 


I'm looking for a nice leather jacket. Black. Biker-ish.


I'm looking for a nice guy who likes motorcycles too.


And in case anyone cares, I turn 45 on Saturday, October 1st. Awwwwwwwwww SHUT UP!


Thought of the day: What??? You haven't had enough yet? Don't you have work to do? Why the hell are you still sitting at your computer? Ok, ok, here's a thought for you; (I used this one on the pic I just put on here)

The day I stop learning;

The day I stop trying;

The day I stop dreaming,

Is the day I will die.


Have a nice day folks!

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