Saturday, October 15, 2011

Posted on October 15, 2011 at 10:50 AM

Windy, cool, and .......

Howdy all! I'm typing this via a public computer at Island Ink on 3rd and Pitt. I needed a LOT of ink for my latest project and, after spending over $200 already on new cartridges, I decided to give "refilling" a try. Turns out it isn't so bad. Island Ink did a pretty good job the first time. The quality of picture printing was damn good, so I'm back for more. Unfortunately, this time I have to wait my turn. I discovered they charge $2 for 1/2 hour of internet time, so I decided to spend that time chatting to you folks. (I prefer my home set up though; ball-less mouse, proper height, comfy chair, and I can smoke while I type! - Yes I smoke. We all have our nasty habits so shut the fuck up!)


Tim Horton's is becoming a bloody cafe! This a.m. I stopped in at the WalMart location and saw this beautiful, brand new machine, with 8-10 labels on it. Since I'm a regular customer, I figured I had the right to ask: What in the world is that? to which the server replied "That's our new latte machine." O-M-G! My wonderful, normal, coffee shop is becoming a preppy, bullshit, cafe!


I hoped it was only certain locations, but alas, no. When I was at the Cornwall Square, I, of course, stopped in at Tim's, and there was the same damn machine. I swear folks, the first time I'm standing behind some rugged guy, who looks intelligent, and appears to know what life is about, and I hear him utter "I'd like a double mocha latte, with whip cream and cinnamon please" I will kick him in the balls! Give me my good ol' regular XL double cupped any day.


Hey, House fans! It appears that Cogeco Digital is carrying the Season 8 episodes for free! Right now, episodes 1 and 2 are available. Just hit "Demand" on the remote, choose the "tv shows" selection, then on the top of the 2nd page, choose "House". Yup, they're free to view, and it appears they'll be available for one month. And the latest season of Survivor is there too, along with a bunch of other shows.


Ok my half hour is almost up, so I'm going to end this abruptly. Or maybe not....


Thought of the day: If you're using a public computer anywhere, remember to log out of every site you visit. But if you like being hacked or having someone mess around with your stuff, feel free to stay logged in. I don't give a damn either way.

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