Saturday, October 29, 2011

Posted on October 29, 2011 at 5:20 AM

Does that mean....?

I got to thinking this morning, while delivering my papers, about the post I made yesterday. Something wasn't "sitting right" in my mind, so as soon as I got home, I logged in, and read it.

Holy cow! That post was too damn aggressive and hostile even for myself! The funny thing is, I was in a pretty good mood when I wrote it, so I'm wondering...what exactly was on my mind to elicit such an angry entry?

Does it mean I was subconsciously trying to express my true thoughts indirectly? Nope. I don't have a problem with doing that (aw shut up!). I do have a pet peeve with people thinking that those with children are more important than those without, but to speak of it with such force; not my style.

Does it mean I'm tired of hearing about car accidents that take the lives of our young people? Perhaps. But let's be realistic, like I prefer. Car accidents are tragic. Death is tragic, but it is a part of life. People of various ages die every minute of every day. Cancer, diabetes, pulmonary and coronary related causes, and accidents. We only focus on certain ones because they are in our hometown; maybe even someone we know. It makes death real, and something that must be faced. It takes away death's anonymity.

Does it mean I'd had a couple shots of gold rum and should have thought twice about blogging at that moment? THAT'S IT! Holy cow I'm smart, eh? I know I wasn't drunk (I'm not THAT light weight!)

Oh well. Live and learn. Good thing I didn't try to blog about politicians in our city. LOL Now THAT would have been a hoot!


IT'S OFFICIAL! Be afraid....be VERY afraid! I am now able to travel anywhere in the world that I wish. No I didn't win the lottery! (Although that would definitely help.) I got my passport back from the government this week. (Thank you Mr. Lauzon. This service your office provides is very much appreciated.) One thing about passports though, I swear to God I did not think it was possible for any photo to look worse than a driver's license or health card photo. 

I.  was.  wrong.

Perhaps it's just me, I naively think to myself. So I check a couple of friends' passports. Nope. Not just me. They look awful too. Figures, eh? The government gets us to give them money to allow us to travel, and they give us permission by making us all look like we're overtired and in dire need of a facelift. (How the hell come my left eye looks like I just got a fist planted in it?????)


Seems like my work hours are slowing down now. It's expected at this time of year. Of course it does mean I have more time to spend working around my home on all those little things I've been putting off. Damn. I was putting them off for a reason! Shoot. I'm actually thinking of hiring someone to clean my home for me once every couple of weeks. That's how much I hate housework.


I actually killed my vaccuum this week. Burnt out brush motor. Only $30 to fix, but have to pay delivery service to pick it up and drop it off, or cab fare. Screw it. Only cost me $120 brand new, so off to WalMart I go. (Got the CT flyer just in time - nice Shark pet hair model was on sale for $119. Might actually use it today.)


Speaking of my home, in an earlier post I had mentioned I had some work done on my chimney. The ULC is cracking down on the older homes whose chimneys either never had liners (clay back in the "old" days) or who never had any kind of liner. Something about preventing moisture from leaking back down into the home and causing damage. Yup, even if the basement is unfinished, like mine, they're checking and enforcing the installation of metal liners. My guys from EnerCombustion (or Ultramar or PK's - not sure who!) did a great job. Professional, courteous, friendly - just like always. The bill was accurate with the estimate; $1600. Unfortunately I had forgotten about the "cap off" fee - $170, the insurance for the year $150, and the first oil delivery of the season $517. Almost $2500! Looks like my snowblower dream is going to have to wait a bit longer.


And still on topic of home, on Monday this week, when we had those lovely high gusting winds, I was out in my garage checking on something. I left the side door open, which is common for me. What isn't common is to hear a loud SNAP! when the wind blows. Uh oh. I head out, grab the door, and it promptly comes off the door frame. Yup, wind had grabbed it and ripped it off two of it's three hinges. Now I know it was old, and the wood of the frame is soft and old too, but the hinges were not pulled out of the wood. The screws were not pulled out. The hinges were pulled APART! Freaky.


I'm going to halt here for a bit. Have some things to take care of before the day starts so there may be a 2nd post later on. Take care of you.


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