Sunday February 5, 2012

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Updates, whether you care or not.....

Morning all. Yup been a while since I last posted, but I know you're used to that. I'm afraid the reason is the same; no new crap to rant about; not much going on. However, I have achieved one thing I've been putting off for some time now....I ACTUALLY DUSTED! YES! You read it here first folks. Barb Tessier actually did some cleaning! (God I HATE housework! Was there ever a more boring chore in this world? No wonder our moms get us used to "helping out" at such a young age! They know that by the time they hit 40, they're not going to want to do it anymore, so they get their kids to do it for them!) Shit. I don't have kids. Anyone want to loan me theirs?


Been trying to make some minor changes in my home. Ever notice how you can have nothing to wear yet your closets and dressers are filled to the brim, even overflowing, with clothing? Where the hell did it all come from? A lot of mine are too big for me now, and hopefully will stay that way. So I went through most of clothing trying to weed out the unwanted/unnecessary crud. HAH! I managed to toss out 5 items, and reorganize everything into 1) wear it a lot  2) wear it sometimes 3) wear it in winter only 4)wear it in summer only 5) wear it whenever I damn well please 6) wear it only when being naked is definitely not an option! (This last category can also be called "I'm dying my hair or painting something and don't want to ruin anything from the other categories".)

My room looks nicer, tidier, cleaner. Now I have room to put all the crap I'll get this year.   :P  


Holy crap! We have a doctor right here in Cornwall, who not only has a great reputation AS a doctor, he also has common sense......AND USES IT! As in Saturday's Standard Freeholder, Dr. Dany Tombler expressed his views on how STUPID it is to expect nurses to speak fluent French. WTG Dany! On the second page he continues to explain how nurses who are fluent in Mohawk and English cannot find employment here because they can't speak French. WAIT ONE BLOODY DAMN MINUTE! You mean to tell me, that we have qualified nurses, WITH EXPERIENCE, trying to get hired RIGHT HERE IN CORNWALL, and we're turning them away BECAUSE THEY DON'T SPEAK FRENCH? WHERE'S MY ADVIL; I FEEL A MIGRAINE COMING ON!

For Christ's sake, are we bloody nuts? Considering all the shit nurses have to put up with, I say we should hire whoever applies, (and has a good work record, of course), as long as they are fluent in ENGLISH! GO GET THOSE PEOPLE NOW AND PUT THEM TO WORK! D'UH!


My thoughts and prayers go out to all in the eastern part of Europe. That cold weather they're experiencing isn't letting up. Sure we may experience those temperatures once or twice during our winter, but it never lasts more than one or a few days. In Saturday's paper, it was reported that at least 139 people have already died from the cold. That's a lot folks, especially when you consider the world we live in today and all we have access to. Next time the temp here dips to -10 C, and you start your whining, why don't you think of those over in Eastern Europe....and then shut your bloody yap!


I paid the bucks for my motorcycle course yesterday, and I'm told as soon as my cheques clears, I'll be registered, and someone will contact me. Cool. Moving forward.

Dang they have specific clothing requirements for this thing. C-O-O-L! An actual excuse to shop! Love it!

Gonna have to figure out where to put those clothes. Oh yeah! I cleaned out my room. There we go.....and so it begins again.


I understand there's some folks out there who know me, who do not believe I am going through with my motorcycling hobby. Ok. Fair's fair. Tell you what, you contact me (I'm in the phone book, on Facebook, via this site, by email, letter, find me in person, whatever method you wish.). We'll have a little chat so that I can tell you directly to go fuck yourself. Sound good? Thought so.

I don't live my life for others anymore. That was a mistake I've been making for over 40 years. Now I live for myself. If you don't like it, please, tell someone who actually gives a damn, because I sure don't.


See what I mean? Nothing much to rant about. Maybe the summer will bring something. Then again, maybe I'll be posting via laptop from the hospital too.....  :D  


My friend Barb B. is apparently doing well. She's not out of the woods, but the news was definitely much better than expected. Go girl! Oh, by the way Barb, THANKS FOR TELLING ME! HAD TO FIND OUT FROM OTHERS! AGAIN!


There are those of you out there, who for some reason, believe I shouldn't be alone; that I should have another dog. I know your hearts are in the right place, and although I miss Storm terribly, I do not want another dog, and probably never will. Please stop offering. I'm okay, but very quickly getting pissed off. If you wish to consider yourself my "friend", then you better damned well start listening and respecting my wishes, no matter where your heart is!


Groundhog Day 2012; our little rodent friend did not see his shadow, meaning early spring-like weather. Uh huh. He has a 50/50 chance of being right, and based on my experience living here in Canada, well, let's just say don't put those boots away yet folks!

And have the barbeques ready to go. Hmmmmm roasted groundhog.......


WHAT???? Well, it sounds better than roasted beaver. Think about it.


PLEASE someone explain this to me. Why is it that people cannot use salt to make the ice in their driveways, AND ON THE STEPS, less slippery? It doesn't take a lot, and you can mix it with sand to make it last even longer. See, what I can't understand is, that if you don't have the time to TAKE DOWN THOSE DAMNED CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS, then what are you doing with your time? Why not use some of it to go out, buy salt, come home, bend over, rip bag open, scoop up salt, throw salt?


This should have been on my last post: My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Marie Plumadore. She was my Aunt and my Godmother. I'm among the many people who had fond memories of her,....from  my childhood. She passed away recently. If you haven't heard yet, donations to the Lung Association of Canada would be appreciated:


Click on the "Donate Now" button and you'll be taken through the process step by step.


A family member, whom I haven't had contact with for some time, recently contacted me. We've "hooked up", or so I'm trying to! JOHN, THAT BLOODY FACEBOOK! I CONFIRMED YOU, BUT YOU'RE NOT SHOWING UP ON MY LIST!

I could spend the whole day telling you about John, but I'm keeping those memories for myself, as I don't have a single, solitary bad one in the bunch. Love you dude. Tell Brian I said "Hi". Miss you both.

And yes I do love to write. Remember, a blog is what you want to say, and we both know, I do love to talk as well. :roll:   And if some of you out there didn't pick up on that, get a brain biopsy, because there's definitely something wrong!


Thought of the day: When we make changes in our lives, they should be to better our lives; even if that means cutting ties that bond us to others. Family, friends, whomever. If you believe you are better off without them, then so be it. Make new friends; stay in touch with the family you do love. Most of all remember my motto:


We are born into family; we can't choose them, so why keep them if they're keeping you down?

Family is NOT most important in life; living productively, and happily is.

Have a good day. Until next time.......


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