Saturday, March 31, 2012

Posted on March 31, 2012 at 9:35 PM

Out like a Lion.....

Nope I'm not referring to the weather; I'm referring to my personal circumstances. You see, it's now 937pm e.s.t., and just 3 hours ago I arrived home from a trip to the Emergency Room at the Cornwall Hospital on McConnell Avenue. I was terrified. For the past 3-4 days, I had been unable to take a deep breath. No dizziness or lightheadedness, no pain, no headaches, no nausea, nothing, nada, zip, just trouble breathing. Yeah that's all; trouble breathing. No one knows, but I've been trying really hard to cut back on my smoking. I'm not doing too bad right  now. One pack lasts about two days, but it's not enough. Seems though, my lungs are actually reacting to the lessening of the smoke. The way my doc explained it to me, was that the muscles lining my lungs are taking in the air but they're not letting it go, inflammation of the lung muscles; a common occurance when someone either quits or cuts back on smoking. It's scary but not really anything that could kill me. The treatment: 1) get out in the cold air! Breath it in in shallow amounts and force the air out of your lungs. Think of it as swallowing a small bit of water then puking up gallons. Hey, it's a metaphor that works for me! (Very cold drinks and food may help too.) 2) When doing my workouts and my deliveries, focus on pushing air OUT of my lungs; do not try to take in "as much as I can" 3) Salbutamol, also known as Ventolin, in the form of an inhaler, to ONLY be used when  nothing else works. Sounds good to me. Many thanks to Dr. Alan Davis and the ER staff. With my paranoia and lack of trust of the medical personnel, these folks proved me wrong. Thank God.


A few hours later I've already noticed an improvement. So, why was I so scared? My mom died of COPD, specifically the medications for emphysema she was on for so long totally destroyed her internal organs, wore them out, and she simply could not breath. BUT, I want to note this here, she also spent close to 10 years of her life cleaning other people's homes with ammonia and bleach. Yup, the result is chlorine gas. However, the only time she realized this was a bad combination, was the last time she used it; in our bathroom in our then new home. No ventilation, windows closed due to cool air, and door closed to keep us kids out. Voila! Unconscious in seconds. That was the last time she used those two chemicals together, but the damage had been done. Smoking only spurred it on.


Of course, like a good little independent, and "strong" woman, I alerted my medical proxy right away, to keep her informed, should her services be required in the future. I was met with "I'll have to call you back." That was over 3 hours ago. ANYONE OUT THERE WANT TO BE MY MEDICAL PROXY? I'm starting to rethink my original choice.


Hey it hasn't been a total crappy week. I got the written portion of my M1 done. (Motorcycle level 1). First time too. Studying is still one of my strong suits, it seems. Theory class in on April 18 and driving practicum on the 22nd and the 29th. Will keep you informed.


Got some spring work done. Cleaned out the garage, raked the yards, put the little things away and/or out, depending on what it was, screens up, crap cleared out of the window frames, and so on. Just waiting for the day I can take out my shorts and start working on  making my legs look lot less white!


Actually got around to ripping up the cruddy old carpet from the upstairs hallway, and chipping away one tile. Yeah, that's right, one. Got a problem with that? You ever chip away old tile? And I don't mean the kind whose adhesive gives way when it gets old. I mean the kind that the older it gets, the more it wants to hold on. I sit cross legged on the floor, paint scraper in one hand, mallet in the other, and literally chip away at the old tile, piece by piece. Damn it's sticky! Me thinks I'm in for some bloody sore wrists and hands again. (I did the back bedroom and the kitchen in the same way. Let's just say I made sure I had plenty of antibiotic ointment and band-aids handy. And yes, they did come in handy!)

But I will say this, done properly and carefully, the result is DEFINITELY worth it! My bedroom floor is gorgeous, and since it's only floating floor, that means I did it right. A very good job if I say so myself.


It's now 1004 pm, and I've poured myself a cold glass of gold rum mixed with water and ice. Just chill-axing. Breathing is okay. Think I'll call it quits for now.


You know, if I ever find a guy I could fall heavy for, this blog would get a LOT more interesting. If you happen to personally know Hugh Laurie, would you mind putting in a good word for me? Don't care that he's married. Just as long as he's breathing and not showing butt crack!   ;)  


Thought for now:  

We never really know how strong we are until our limits are tested, but even then, do we really know for sure how far our strength will take us? "Limits" are defined by the CURRENT circumstances, mental status, etc. So, wouldn't it depend on the moment? You may think of yourself as strong, but like everyone else you have your limits; your weaknesses. Until you recognize them and acknowledge them, you're just as weak as everyone else. Just normal. And that sucks big time!

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