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Get it off your chest......

Did you read in the news in the last day or so about the Ottawa woman who got a lung transplant? How she probably never would have gotten the lungs if Justin Bieber and Ellen Degeneres hadn't seen her tweets and paid attention? Is this what we've come to? The only way a person's life can be saved is if a celebrity or two takes notice? The person from whom the lungs came had signed an organ donor card. I've signed one and I'm fully registered with the province of Ontario as a registered organ donor, (in the event of my death of course, cause if someone shows up at my front door wielding a scalpel, I am NOT letting them in!)

This woman got what she needed to live because she took the bull by the horns. She forged ahead and fought, preaching about the importance of becoming an organ donor. Makes me wonder if when we require help of any sort, if we make enough noise, will we get what we want? Apparently there were many lungs available, it's just that the previous owners had not signed organ donor cards.

Look folks, many of you know I'm no fan of society in general, but can you honestly say that you'll need your organs when you're 6 feet under? Hey, I'm a smoker, but I've still signed one. While I don't help as many people as I used to, (probably because I got fed up of being used like a tool and decided to tell the world to go to hell), but the idea that one of my organs could actually give someone else a chance at life is enough to spur me on.

A few years ago, a neighbour of mine had a kidney transplant. She was 75 years old. Age is one of the considerations for transplants, but I guess someone on some committee thought it was a good idea. So did I, until I talked to her one day. She was actually telling me "...yeah some 19 year old got herself killed and I got a nice young kidney out of it!" For Christ's sake! She was actually bragging about a young girl dying; disgusting. This 75 year old died 2 years later. As her health had started to decline she decided to neglect her routine health care, which included that nice young kidney. I want to cry when I think of all the decent people that kidney could have gone to, but that's up to fate. I'm sure that woman died never fully having appreciated that kidney.

Sign an organ donor card, please, and register with the government - that's the only way it can be fully established. You'll be dead. What fucking use will your organs be to you?


My contractor Phil and one of his guys were here Thursday to make the renos to my garage so I'll have more room for outdoor work and for my bicycles and motorcycle. I posted pics. Nothing fancy but I do like Phil's work.


Fresh coffee by my side right now, and trying to think of something to write about.


Ahhhh springtime is officially here, but you wouldn't know it from the temps! The wee hours of the morning are still quite cool and damp. Not too nice when you're trying to avoid irritants to your lungs, as per doc's orders, and you're carrying a bag full of papers while walking for 2 hours.


And while you're at it, how about putting away the Christmas decorations, hmmmm?


Have you ever tried to find a nice pair of leather boots here in Cornwall? Don't bother. I found more choices and opportunities by searching retailers online throughout North America in five minutes than I found in two weeks in Cornwall! Geez, no wonder people say we've got nothing here; I'm beginning to think they're right.


And on that note, thank God someone finally thought it would be a good idea for our hospital to have an MRI machine. No....really? So then all those people who get "rushed" to Ottawa for a simple MRI, what? They didn't give you a clue? I wish I had the money to buy it for them. I think an MRI machine should have been bought before a CT scanning machine. Here's a problem I see coming soon...how old is our CT machine? How often does it get used? Anyone else think that it may soon be time for a new updated model?

Seriously, if I won millions in the lottery, I'd buy all the equipment for our hospital. I'll probably need it myself one day, and I'm sure if I keep the receipts, I'd get fast service!  :D  


Did I ever tell you how I decided to NOT torture my little sis this past Christmas? I'm going to tell that story now. If I have already told it, too bad. I'm running out of things to say here.

Late last year, during one of our conversations, my sister revealed to me her concerns regarding the Mayan prophecy for Dec 21, 2012. Ok she's scared shitless! I tried to reassure her. "Anne, look at it this way: if it is only something really big that'll be changing, like technology, there's really nothing you can do about it. Keep a few candles, batteries, water, lifejackets ( :lol: ) on hand, and just go about life. If the world does end, what are you going to do? Run outside, hold up your hands and yell at it to stop? No. Grab a cold beer, grab your hubby, sit on the porch outside and enjoy the show!" By now I KNOW she thinks that I think she's an idiot, which is not true, but, as you know, I MUST mess around with her head. "By the way Anne, haven't you heard? There are some theorists who believe the Mayan proverb was actually misinterpreted. The date isn't the 21, it's the 12th." She gasps, "Well which is it?"

"They don't know, but the 21st is the popular opinion. So, you should really be ready for the 12 and if nothing happens then it's the 21st." (Dang I can be such a bitch~!)

By now she's mad at me, so I say something that was a sincere attempt to soothe her nerves: "I truly believe it's a bunch of crap Anne. They state that research shows the Mayans had moved on quite suddenly, so who's to say that they just didn't run out of space to continue on with their writings? Or maybe they did have to leave suddenly, thus they couldn't continue the writings? Come on, are you actually going to plan your future around this?"

I knew I was having little effect, but I left it there.


It was in October of 2011 when I saw something at the Calendar Club store in Cornwall Square. A 2012 calendar with an artist's rendition of possible scenarios for the end of the world on December 21 for each month. O~M~F~G! That was Anne's Christmas gift! She'd kill me but hey, the world's going to end anyway, right? --Okay, okay I never sent it. I did buy it, I did put it into one of those mailing envelopes, but I didn't have the heart to send it. I had the nerve, definitely, but there's still a little bit of a softie in me when it comes to my little sis,...BUT ONLY A LITTLE BIT.

You should see this calendar:

January - polar switch - California buried in ice and snow

February - Dubai flooded by tsunami (Dubai is located in the United Arab Emirates, south of the Persian Gulf on the Arabian Peninsula --- yup, I'm not sure where that is either!)

March - Germany suffers full nuclear meltdown

April - New York City levelled completely by major earthquake

May - Las Vegas blown to bits by meteor storms

June - the Netherlands drowned in maelstrom (defined by dictionary.com :

     1. a large, powerful, or violent whirlpool.

     2. a restless, disordered, or tumultuous state of affairs: the maelstrom of early morning traffic.

     3. a famous hazardous whirlpool off the NW coast of Norway.)

July - London volcanic eruption

August - Venice - flooding (now there's a stretch of the imagination)

September - Nibiru - planets collide (should note here, when researching Nibiru, turns out it's not a place, it's "... a supposed impending disastrous encounter between Earth and a large astronomical object, usually predicted to occur during 2012." - wikipedia)

October - Paris torn apart by twisters (stay off the Eiffel Tower that day!)

November - Sydney, Australia - rig adrift (this one I'm not sure about. The artist's painting shows an oceanic oil rig burning and callapsing, nearby the Sydney Opera House is burning and crumbling)

December - Solar flares affecting the entire world, with a very large red exclamation point on the 21st and question marks on every day after that.

Now, has anyone else noticed that NO PLACE IN CANADA WAS MENTIONED???? Okay maybe a solar flare or two, but nothing else. Woohoo! mabe we end up being the only country not affected? (I'm being sarcastic here!) Wow! Wonder what that will do to the immigration laws? We'll probably have to take everyone in. Imagine all the 7/11 stores that'll open! And all the Yanks who believe those stereotypes about Canadians....well, maybe we can move them all to the Yukon. Let them freeze their asses off!


I believe my sister would have truly loved this as a gift, uh huh...............and by now my organs would have found a new home.


Hey people, I recently started becoming more involved with "tweeting" on Twitter. If you're a "tweeter", put my name into the search box (Barbra Tessier, or @SomeOfEvrything - note the spelling) and send a follow request!


Ok that's it for now. Bit of fun, bit of cartharsis, and maybe more next time.




Thought for the day, or until we next meet:

Death is inevitable - it is a part of life.

The end of the world is inevitable - we're using it up.

Everything has a start, so why wouldn't it have an ending?

What you should be concerned about right now is the amount of chocolate you currently have in your home. THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE FOLKS!

p.s. take down the Christmas decorations idiots!

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